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  • Essay On Paracelsus

    Einsiedeln, Switzerland at the turning point of the fifteenth century around the time of the Renaissance Humanism (p. 201). He eventually changed his name to Paracelsus. Paracelsus was educated by his father who happened to be a physician. He learned, “…botany, medicine and natural philosophy” from his father (p.201). This organic way of learning eventually let Paracelsus to become curious with the natural world, and it would shape him to have little respect for the traditional way of education.…

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  • Dmitri Ivanovski's Leadership Style

    Dmitri Iosifovich Ivanovski (1864-1920) was a famous botanist, plant physiologist, and microbiologist (Lechevalier, 1972) who lived in Russia. He is considered one of the founders of virology. Ivanovski also did work with tobacco plants, mosaic disease, soil microbiology, and fermentation. Ivanovski’s life was very interesting. His early years were spent in a small village in Russia. In his later life he went to different universities and participated in many scientific experiments, lectures,…

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  • Lewis And Clark: The Corps Of Discovery

    Washington – In 1732 on February 22, an American soldier known as the name of George Washington was born. He’s famous for achievements like (The First United States President, Battle of Monongahela, Battle of Necessity, and Battle of Jumonville Glen), he was born into a Colonial Virginia family of wealthy planters. The family owned tobacco plantations and slaves, which later on in life he inherited. Washington was a senior officer in the colonial militia an in the French and Indian War, he than…

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  • Callistemon Viminalis Essay

    29212, Proteus vulgaris PTCC 1079, Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC 10031, Escherichia coli ATCC 25922. The leaves of C. viminalis were collected from the decorated trees in the city of Fasa in April 2015. The plant identity was confirmed in Department of Botany, Darab Payame Noor University, Iran. After cleaning, leaves…

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  • Professionalism Definition

    It may be hard to admit, but professionalism cannot be simply explained by in a definition. You need life experience to explain what professionalism means. Professionalism is not something that you do part-time, it should be ever present in your life. As a physical therapy student, I will use my experiences to be as professional as possible in all situations. While every physical therapy school is different, professionalism stays the same. In my undergraduate education and internship…

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  • Albin O. Kuhn Library Case Study

    Location of the Facility The Albin O. Kuhn Library (AOK) and Gallery can be found on the campus of the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). UMBC, an honors college, is located at 1000 Hilltop Circle in Baltimore County, mostly in the community of Catonsville. Spanning across over 500 acres of land, UMBC is three miles outside the Baltimore City limits and is surrounded by BWI Airport, Amtrak train station, bus lines, business, restaurants and other conveniences. The library is…

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  • Write An Essay On The Role Of Forensic Science In Criminal Justice

    Forensic applies to courts or the judicial system, combine that with science and forensic science mean applying scientific methods and processes to solving crime. Forensic Science deals with the application of the knowledge and methodology of various disciplines of science to legal matters. It involves the use of multiple disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering for evidence analysis. For instance, physics is used to understand the pattern of a blood…

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  • Ophelia Willow Tree Analysis

    Ophelia was painted with oil on canvas by Sir John Everett Millais (The Story of Ophelia). Millais was known for his great attention to detail when it came to the botanical aspects, so much so that a professor teaching botany would take his students to see Ophelia because the representations of the flowers were so close to nature (The Story of Ophelia). The concept of this painting was born out of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In Hamlet, the title character’s love interest, Ophelia tragically…

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  • Edward M. Goolish

    Edward M. Goolish is an astrobiologist and the Deputy Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, which is a position that he has held for many years ever since 2006. He has served N.A.I. (NASA Astrobiology Institute) or about six years, and he has been the Assistant director for research from February 1, 2013 to August 11, 2014. In 1994, Goolish came to Ames Research Center to conduct research on how the small forces within space can change aquatic organisms, vertebrates and behaviors. He…

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  • Summary Of Wicked Plants By Amy Stewart

    I chose Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart over the others on the list of approved books because it sounded more interesting and more relevant than some that just focused on one branch of Botany, instead of the entire wicked spectrum like Stewart does. I like how she breaks up the world of devious plants into seven distinct categories. The plants are reported on alphabetically with relation to their crime, but with a heading that falls under one of the seven wicked categories; deadly, destructive,…

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