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  • Why I Want To Become An Anthropologist

    When I was young, I went through all the career choices kids usually have: doctor, princess, etc. It wasn’t until about eight grade that my career choices became practical. I have switched between a number of different jobs since. Sometimes, I would only want a job for a couple of weeks then I would switch. Sometimes I would come back to the same job after eight months of wanting a new one. As of now, there are two jobs I think would be a good career choice for myself: biology teacher and…

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  • The Martian Character Analysis

    Do you think that being trapped on a planet all by yourself is frightening? In the book, “The Martian” , written by Andy Weir, Mark Watney an astronaut who majors in botany, gets stranded on Mars alone. While on a mission on Mars, a strong dust storm comes unexpectedly and the crew has to evacuate immediately in order to survive. They make there way to the MAV so they can abort but in the meantime an antenna flies off of it and hits Mark. He is hit and his pushed out of reach, so the crew must…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Mt Cemetery

    I can imagine her sitting on her stone looking around at the trees, shrubbery, and wildlife that surrounds. She would love being surrounded by all of that nature and greenery. She studied botany in college and adored plants until her death in 2013. Members of my family tell stories about walking through Phipps with her by their side as she named each plant without looking at the small signs indicating the names. She traveled all over the…

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  • Charles Darwin Contributions

    Contributions of Charles Darwin Charles Robert Darwin was a British scientist best known for his contributions to the evolutionary theory and his theory of natural selection. Darwin came up with these theories in the late 1830s, but failed to publish them until the release of his book the Origin of Species in 1859. With pressure building from colleagues and scientists in the Far East, it is said that Darwin decided to rush publishing his findings. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was…

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  • Pharmacology: My Goals For Neuropsychopharmacology

    can excel at anything I have the passion for, and it happens to be science. My mother home-schooled my sister and me, and helped me discover my passion for learning. She taught me Chemistry through baking, Biology through watching my animals and Botany from all the species we have in my property. Unfortunately my mom had to move my sister and me to public school…

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  • Marxist Views On Gender Equality

    individuals follow a pathway towards knowledge and enlightenment based on a calling not gender? A woman may experience spiritual awakening or darshan through nature, thus spiritual growth could be maximized through knowledge by pursuing a career in botany not through domestic work. Alternatively, a male may experience darshan by raising his children (feel dharma to raise children), therefore attaining a domestic role would enhance his…

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  • The Omnivore's Dilemma Book Report

    Encumbered by highly advanced agricultural inventions, the American diet has evolved into a dilemma producing detrimental health affects for our nation. While a plethora of food choices, from chicken nuggets to Twinkies, may appear to be a dietary utopia; the technological advancements in the food industry have produced food-like products rather than authentic food. This nation-wide eating disorder has kept Americans in a cyclical process of attempting to achieve a thin figure while still…

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  • Barbara Mcclintock's Academic Career

    prestigious reputation even then. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 1923, her master’s degree in 1925, and just two years later, earned her doctorate in 1927. During her time at Cornell she served as the graduate assistant in the university’s botany department. After receiving her doctorate, McClintock was employed at Cornell until 1931. During…

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  • Barbara Mcclintock Essay

    Henry McClintock and Sara Handy McClintock. Her family moved to Brooklyn, New York, in 1908. After she moved she graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in 1919. Barbara did extremely well in school and ended up earning her B.S. and M.S. degrees in botany at Cornell University, and received her Ph.D. in the same subject at Cornell in 1927. Although women were not always permitted to major in genetics at Cornell, McClintock became a highly influential member of a small group, who studied maize…

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  • Friar Lawrence In Romeo And Juliet

    suddenly strikes with devastating consequences. Friar Lawrence, their friend, plays a very important role in the facilitation of the couple’s marriage. Friar Lawrence is a holy individual as he presents himself and is wise in medical knowledge and botany. He acts as a medium for Capulets, Montagues and a nurse. He agrees to Romeo’s request for a secret ceremony and sets it up. He accuses Romeo of only physical attraction to Juliet but he does nothing…

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