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  • Operation Redwing Speech

    folded conveniently on the walls. Drills where Morgan shot a machine gun and wore a metal helmet on the back of the ship, were ran just in case of an actual attack out at sea. According to, there were 7 devastating detonations at Bikini atoll while Morgan ran the ship. With the first test of a hydrogen bomb, Russell Morgan recalls the bomb being unexpectedly being twice the size and dropped from a B-fifty-two bomber. In the twenty-seven mile wide archipelago of islands, Morgan…

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  • The Consequences Of Hypersexualization Of Sex In Popular Media

    Sex in the media has been a social problem for decades now. There have been studies done to research how sex in the media is constantly increasing. Researchers from the University of Buffalo did a study and found that sexualized images causes negative consequences for both sexes (Nauert, 2011). The method of the study involved using covers of the magazine, Rolling Stones from years 1967 through 2009. The researchers measured how the trends in the sexualization of men and women in popular media…

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  • Miss USA Pageant

    A common thought for people to think that the bikini section of the pageant is to sexualize women; A New York times article states “Pageants sexualize women’s bodies and encourage conformity to ludicrous beauty standards.”(Blain Roberts). The pageant doesn’t sexualize women, it actually wants girls…

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  • Daisies Movie Analysis

    Heroine, a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. The movie Daisies directed by Věra Chytilová in 1966 is filled with copious amounts of symbolism and characteristics of the Czech New Wave film style. While the elements of consumption and destruction are some of the most prominent themes discussed by filmmakers, I believe it is the collaging and fragmentation of the editing in relation to the feminist ideology and thought process that stood out…

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  • Jennifer Siebal Newsom Miss Representation Analysis

    Advertisements for beer show women wearing bikinis while running around. The camera pans into close-up shots of their lips, breasts and butts. Women are objectified and hypersexualized in these ads to cater towards the male gaze. This also implies the norm that men are the only ones allowed to enjoy…

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  • How Does Cosmetic Surgery Affect Society

    In today’s society, appearance plays a vital role. Individuals place a great deal of emphasis on physical beauty because of how the media portrays it. Actors, models, and musicians uphold a youthful appearance through cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that alters or enhances an individuals’ appearance as in which the individual desires. Cosmetic surgery has not only increased tremendously over the past decade, but it has become a norm to society. Cosmetic surgery takes on…

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  • Dr Strangelove Film Analysis

    Females are treated as recreational sex objects for powerful military men and politicians. So, it is suitable that there is only one female in the film (Turgidson’s secretary, Ms. Scott). In her only scene, she is wearing a bikini and heels at the General’s home. Since he is in the bathroom, she answers the red phone when the news of the attack comes in. She recognizes the caller (apparently she is someone else's girl too), and when the General appears, he speaks to her like…

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  • John Bargh's Theory Of Emotional Advertising

    John Bargh’s theory of automaticity stipulates that our behavior is governed predominately by subconscious cognitive processes. Therefore, in order for an attitude to elicit deliberate action, it must be brought into our conscious awareness. This activation process relies on memory cues, or mental “tags,” created most effectively through emotional experience. For this reason, the power of advertising lies in the premeditated association of symbols with emotion, which serves to reflect societal…

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  • Rape On College Campuses

    hear things like “boys will be boys”, “she shouldn’t have had that on then”, “well you did flirt with him”, it just fuels this destructive fire. That’s like saying a woman at a coastal pool party wouldn’t have gotten raped if she wasn’t wearing a bikini, see it makes no sense. We should be teaching men that even if she’s your friend, girlfriend you don’t have the right to take advantage of her when she’s drunk or think your obligated to anything. No means No, I don’t want to do this means No, if…

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  • Dauphin Island Research Paper

    Dauphin Island, Alabama is an isolated place. After leaving the mainland and a mile long bridge, you enter a home feeling place. It’s a very different feeling than ever felt before. There is only some grass, but as you go to the light and turn right, the yards are full of warm, golden sand. The houses on this beautiful island are on 40 foot stilts; they vary in colors from orange to bright purple, to a dull blue. These houses are not normal bland colors. The sun shines even when it’s raining.…

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