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  • Dreamworlds Film Analysis

    Dreamworlds is a film that analyzes the roles that sex and power play in today’s music videos. This film wastes no time diving into the subject and immediately begins to display popular music videos from all types of genres. Whether it’s pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, or country, nothing stops the music industry from displaying sexualized images of women and male sexual dominance. This film did an extraordinary job of describing and depicting the sexual imagery, and the trend in themes of modern…

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  • Summer Narrative: My Last Summer In Quezon

    Summer. Whenever we heard this word, swimming, out of town trips, relaxing and so many things comes in our mind. It is the time of the year wherein us, especially students can get their rest. My previous summer experience is one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. Before the summer class starts, we go to our friend’s house in Quezon. We visited his parents and we headed to his own house, it was a nice and big house wherein we’re really comfortable, their parents sends us food, we have…

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  • Miss USA Pageant

    A common thought for people to think that the bikini section of the pageant is to sexualize women; A New York times article states “Pageants sexualize women’s bodies and encourage conformity to ludicrous beauty standards.”(Blain Roberts). The pageant doesn’t sexualize women, it actually wants girls…

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  • Nicholas Carr Social Media Analysis

    to follow the same guidelines: tan, glowing skin, thin, toned bodies lacking off proportions, microbladed eyebrows and eyelash extensions, no acne, long blonde hair, and last but not least, an aesthetically pleasing feed featuring beach shots in bikinis taken by their boyfriends - who are, the majority of the time, also models. To make a living, all they have to do is hop on a plane to an exotic destination and look pretty while doing so. Alas, you can see why an impressionable young girl such…

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  • Sun Worship Leisure Wear Case Study Answers

    stability. Additionally, it is budgeted that Sun Worship Leisure Wear will have having produced 27,470 units, sold 27,340 units and at the conclusion of 2018, Sun Worship Leisure Wear will have a cash surplus of $499,252, 2. Product Analysis The Bikini line has the most positive contribution margin at 36.11%, both the Board Short and Towels lines are also…

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  • Synthesis Essay On Advertising

    Advertising, simply put is paid adverts in order to grab the attention of consumers and direct it towards an idea, and then connecting that idea to a product being sold. However as the modern world continues to progress, and the way we obtain information drastically changes, from television and radio based to mostly the internet, the morality of advertising has been called into question once more. Advertising has become a part of everyday life and most americans are more than aware of it. Every…

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  • Outline For Persuasive Speech Outline

    see it.” at the bottom of the ad it says, “Life is Short. Have an Affair.” 2. This advertisement shows how the media shames people, it condones having an affair just because the wife is bigger. C. PETA Advertisement 1. Features a larger woman in a bikini looking towards the beach. The title text featured in the advertisement says, “Save the Whales” and underneath it says, “lose the blubber: go vegetarian.” 2. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), obesity isn’t healthy, however…

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  • La Frontera Analysis

    Freedom and sovereignty is a dream of every territory, country or society. As evidenced in The La Frontera, Mexican Virgin of Guadalupe by Alma Lopez and the BrokenSpears the political, social, and psychic are very significant in every society. In La Frontera, Gloria Anzaldua talks about the meaning of the pre-conquest fertility goddess (Coatlicue) to the current Chicana feminist fights. Anzaldua explains that the unique characters of Coatlicue that disrupts the complacency of life are the one…

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  • Operation Redwing Speech

    folded conveniently on the walls. Drills where Morgan shot a machine gun and wore a metal helmet on the back of the ship, were ran just in case of an actual attack out at sea. According to, there were 7 devastating detonations at Bikini atoll while Morgan ran the ship. With the first test of a hydrogen bomb, Russell Morgan recalls the bomb being unexpectedly being twice the size and dropped from a B-fifty-two bomber. In the twenty-seven mile wide archipelago of islands, Morgan…

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  • The Consequences Of Hypersexualization Of Sex In Popular Media

    Sex in the media has been a social problem for decades now. There have been studies done to research how sex in the media is constantly increasing. Researchers from the University of Buffalo did a study and found that sexualized images causes negative consequences for both sexes (Nauert, 2011). The method of the study involved using covers of the magazine, Rolling Stones from years 1967 through 2009. The researchers measured how the trends in the sexualization of men and women in popular media…

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