Polka Dotss In Dance

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Polka dots are the pattern of dots. It may be of one colour or different colour ,One size or different size. Earlier it were equal in size and placed at equal distance but as the time and fashion trend change the size, pattern, and colour change accordind to design and forecast. In modern prints polka dots comes in randomely placed commonly seen on children's clothing, toys, and furniture, but they appear in a wide array of contexts. It really comes in formals and used mostly in bath suit and lingere. It became famous in late nineteenth century and from then it never dissappear from fashion and style.
Polka is a dance form of central Europe. The polka( means Polish lady) it originated in earlier nineteenths century in Bohemia.
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Named variously for the Czech words polka (little-step), pole ("field"), and Polka ("Polish woman," female counterpart of Polak), the connection between the pattern and the dance is murky; possibly the spotted pattern evoked the lively half-step of the dance. In any event, the polka ripped through the Bohemian fields to Prague, ignited the ladies of Paris by 1840, hopped the Channel to London by 1844, then set America ablaze. Every occasion, every social group, every weather pattern, every passing mood was stamped with its own perfect polka. Marketers hawked every product they could as polka-themed: polka pudding (a boozy confection of orange-water-flavoured cream, drizzled with sherry polka sauce), polka curtains, polka gauze, polka hats, shoes, and vests etc. Later the polka-product craze ends up but the term "polka dot" …show more content…
Clean and utterly simple in their machine-printed version, the pattern exuded a lively wholesomeness appropriate for children. It became especially popular on bed sheets, bassinets, and nightgowns. The Love for the polka dot began in 1926, when Miss America was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit. 1928, Disney introduced its cartoon darling Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress and matching bow. Throughout the 1930s, polka dot dresses appeared in stores, the fabric suddenly subversive, nipped in by ribbons and accentuated with bows. In 1940 the polka dots exploded with the huge number of charming dots of different shape, size, arrangements and colours . The woozy melody of Frank Sinatra’s ballad “Polka Dots and Moonbeams” captured the height of America’s polka dot love—that spring, the Los Angeles Times said , “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you'll never regret

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