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  • Les Miserables Informative Speech

    Bonjour Monsieur, et mes amis. Aujourd’hui, je veux vous présenter: La France. Can you guess what language i was speaking? That’s right! French. Today, I will mentioning the three aspects that France is most acclaimed for: Food, Language, and Fashion. But let me begin with some basic history. Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men? It is the music of the people who will never be slaves again! Does this sound familiar? Yes, it is from the movie that is a global sensation: Les Miserables. The movie, is a depiction of the French Revolution, and that is where we shall begin our understanding of France. The revolution of France, was a time of political and social upheaval. The revolution overthrew the monarchy, and established a republic, setting an example for countries all over the world, triggering a decline of absolute monarchies. The revolution, is commonly regarded by academics, as one of the most crucial events in human history. Fun Fact: the term “liberal” was coined in Spanish politics to address the people who supported the French Revolution. The modern day French Republic is a highly developed country. It has the 6th strongest military in the world, with a defence budget of $48 billion, and more than 200,000 active military personnel (Writter, n.d.). It is categorized into metropolitan France, and overseas regions, such as Guadeloupe, and French Polynesia. France is one of the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, the other four being…

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  • French Fashion Revolution

    editors, the fashion press functioned as a mediator between merchants and consumers. The editors of the fashion press considered fashions to move “presque toujours dans un cercle, ou dans une chaine sans fin;” however, the importance of variety for French commerce created an incentive for French fashions to change more rapidly than those of other countries. In an article titled “Fashionable Absurdities in France,” The Fashionable Magazine wrote that “it [French fashion] keeps one continual…

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  • Chapter 12 Interrogatives

    This is the negation of déjà (already). For example: Benedict: Jane a arrivé? (Has Jane arrived?) Nadine: Non, pas encore. (No, not yet). ne... personne (no one) For example: Ils ne connaissent personne. (They don’t know anyone) ne... jamais (never) This is the negation of toujours (always), quelquefois (sometimes), souvent (often), and parfois (occasionally). For example: Marsha: Pensez-vous aller à l'église le dimanche? (Do you go to church on Sundays?) Mia: Non, je n’y vais jamais. (No, I…

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  • Shit By Dominique Laporte: Movie Analysis

    showing how humanity might be backtracking on the development of industrialization. If the goal is to eliminate waste then one must go back to how primitive humans collected resources and their technologies, including their simplified forms of language. Technology and language proved that the capitalist system is able to reach a non-wasteful method by returning to primitive methods, however Laporte argues that it is more desirable to have waste as it is another source of wealth. History of…

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