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  • Racism In Baseball

    How the MLB will become a more ethnic sport over time. It’s no question that baseball is one of the most racist sports in the world. The Cleveland Indians have managed to create the most racist logo in sports of all time. It is very offensive as it is a cartoon Indian with a red face and a feather. But that’s just a logo. I want to talk about the players and the future of the league. The MLB consisting of 30 teams, 2 leagues (American and National) is one of the most increasing sports in…

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  • Personal Narrative: Baseball Practice

    corner. I am at baseball practice in the batting cages with my brother, Nick. We are both wearing our baseball helmets.. “Pitching to you is my favorite,” Nick sarcastically said to me. “Well if it wasn’t for you being stupid and standing on the short side, maybe you could of got out of the way,” I replied. “Well said,” he replied. My heart was a pounding drum by just standing there, Because of the horrific accident on April 13, 2015 . Drew, Nick, Alex, and I arrived at baseball practice…

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  • My Baseball Story

    if I said it, but I’m looking in the mirror smiling at myself right now”. This was the remark I received from the head coach of Miami baseball when I committed to play baseball at Miami University. It was not an easy road for me to get to become a Division 1 athlete here at Miami. I have always dreamed of playing college baseball and hopefully professional baseball, but my story to get me this far is one that is quite complicated. Sophomore year of high school is where I will start “my story”…

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  • The Sandlot: A Baseball Movie: The Sandlot

    The Sandlot is a baseball movie about friendship and sticking together when someone gets in a “pickle.” It’s summer time in 1962 in the California, which is “the same summer Dodger Maury Wills would break the stolen bases record.” Our main character, Scotty Smalls just moved to the valley two weeks before school gets out for summer, and like all new kids he is afraid to make new friends. While he is unpacking he sees a boy with his baseball glove walking across the street, so that night he asks…

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  • Sabermetrics In Baseball

    watching baseball has always been my favorite pastime. And a few years ago, I was introduced to an element of baseball that involves another passion of mine, mathematics. The study of the utterly distinct, yet blissful marriage of baseball and mathematics is known as sabermetrics, and it has brought my love of baseball to a new level. “Sabermetricians,” attempt to analyze baseball from a mathematical perspective in order to obtain a statistical edge over the competition, and many baseball teams…

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  • Compare And Contrast Basketball And Baseball

    Basketball vs Baseball Sports have become America’s past time that is enjoyed by millions of people either watching a professional sport on television or recreation playing. These two sports I have followed from the time my children started playing at the ages of seven. Basketball and baseball though they have numerous similarities, they also contrast. Baseball Differences Baseball is a sport that can be played outside only on a field, which is shaped comparable to a diamond. Weather can be a…

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  • Basketball Vs. Baseball

    day outside me, my brother, and his friends were all playing Basketball outside in front of my house. I decided to play Baseball because I was just getting bored of playing the same thing every time his friends came over, but that was a mistake. I learned my lesson not to play Baseball instead of Basketball. I was a little boy at the age of 9 and I wanted to combine Baseball and Basketball it would be called, Baseketball. I decided to grab a bat and told my brother’s friend to “Throw the ball…

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  • Physics Of Baseball Essay

    The game of baseball is a great game and is open to anyone that wants to play it. There is many way that baseball can be played. Baseball can be played but be called different things like wiffle ball, and stick ball. Also, baseball is a great sport because you stay active while you play. In addition baseball was made along time ago and the they use two different types of bats. There is lots of physics that goes into baseball and many pitches people can throw. The game of baseball started a long…

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  • Narrative Essay About Baseball

    It all started when I was about 5 years old, I was a member of the boys and girls club of Decatur, IL. My mom signed me up to play baseball at the time I wasn’t really happy with her, I didn’t want to play a sport I didn’t know anything about. At the time I just wanted to play basketball and football two sports you could say I knew everything about. I studied the games I watched my favorite players play every day. I was like a sports reporter I knew everything there was to know about my favorite…

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  • Reconstruction In Baseball

    Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Calvin Coolidge even said, “Baseball is our national game!” The history of baseball and the history of the United States go hand-in-hand. In 1860, during a pickup game of baseball, Abraham Lincoln was approached by a messenger with important pre-election news. Abe simply asked him to wait as he did not want to miss his turn at bat! The north and south would even play games of pick-up baseball during the Civil War after a long day of fighting. Now-a-days,…

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