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  • Steroids In Baseball

    If all players could have their statistics jump up that greatly. And it is not like the use of steroids heightens ones raw talent to play baseball. It just makes them bigger, faster, and stronger. They still have to be able to hit the baseball, field the baseball, and throw the baseball. Steroids just give their body an advantage, not their talent. There are many grey areas in the MLB testing process. In 2011 Milwaukee Brewers outfielder, Ryan Braun, won the most valuable player award. A month before receiving the award he was tested for using performance enhancing drugs. He was asked to give three urine samples for testing. When the samples left the building they were all sealed and not tampered with. When the urine tests arrived at a World Anti-Doping Agency-certified testing lab in Montreal, it was told that all seals were still intact. What was supposed to be a simple test, turned into the gray area in between (Verducci pg.…

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  • Push The Rangers Case Study

    1) Can you touch on the late season push the Rangers pulled off to take the division and how they managed to do it? How will that carry over to the playoffs? The Rangers have been hot in the back end of the season, and there are many factors that go into that. I think the first thing has been the moves that GM Jon Daniels made at the deadline. Going out and getting Cole Hamels has been absolutely huge, as it gives them an ace to trout out there every fifth day. They also got Southpaw Jake…

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  • Julius Winfield Erving: The Greatest Basketball Player

    but later changed it to the “doctor.” Julius was getting a lot of recognition for the way he was playing at Roosevelt High. Many colleges were begging for him to got to their programs because of what he could provide as a player. Julius finally choose a college which was the University of Massachusetts. After playing a few games Julius was paying off for all the hype about him going to UMass. Only after playing 2 seasons on college Julius was averaging 26.3 points per game and 20.2 rebounds a…

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  • Bridge War 1845

    that there was no money to be made from fighting—no one would want to come to a place filled with people disputing over which town is better. They also came to the conclusion that without bridges, living was impossible; it was ultimately better to be united and have bridges. Had there never been a “bridge war,” the city of Milwaukee would likely not exist. It took extreme measures for these two stubborn founders to realize they needed to put their differences aside. As for Walker, he eventually…

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  • Hank Aaron: A Great Baseball Player

    Hank Aaron By: Landon Hale 3/6 /17 “I never wanted them to forget Babe Ruth. I just wanted them to remember Hank Aaron,” Hank announced as he received his Hall of Fame award. Leading the Milwaukee Braves to their first World Series Championship in 1957 Hank Aaron was their leading hitter with a .322 batting average. Hank Aaron did not want to replace all the great baseball players like Babe Ruth and Moses Fleetwood Walker also known as Jackie Robinson. He just wanted…

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  • Should Athletes Be Allowed To Be Paid?

    The Pentagon is paying sports teams several million dollars to present patriotic things. The pentagon signed 72 contracts worth $10 million with Major League Baseball, National Football League's, Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League teams. The Milwaukee Brewers were paid $49,000 to let the Wisconsin Army National Guard sing “God Bless America.” The New York Jets were paid $20,000 to recognize a few New Jersey Army National Guard soldiers as hometown heroes. Any teams that were paid…

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  • Desegregation Of Baseball

    hitting a total of two hundred fifty-three home runs. Additionally, in 1947, the Saint Louis Browns signed Hank Thompson as a right fielder. Mr. Thompson later went on to win a World Series Championship with the New York Giants in 1954. Willie Mays was a centerfielder. He played a twenty-two season career and spent most of that career playing for the New York and San Francisco Giants. He ended his career playing for the New York Mets. Willie Mays was a 24 time recipient of Major League Baseball…

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  • German Immigration History

    Thousands of breweries operated in the United States before the Prohibition in 1920 many of them were founded by German immigrant entrepreneurs. Many other breweries had brewmasters and workers that were German born or of German descent. The introduction of lager beer, which replaced ales as America's favorite beer style in the mid-nineteenth century it is one of the most important legacies of the German immigrant brewers to their new homeland. Today in the 21st century some of the nation's…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Baseball In America

    Ben Reiter he states, “Opening Day remains as auspicious as any event on the American calendar. It is a more sure sign of spring’s onset...” (Reither 2). There is no better feeling than after a long vicious winter being able to attend a professional baseball game. Secondly, attending a professional baseball game creates a memory of a lifetime for fans. The stadiums in the pros are a lot bigger with a higher fan capacity then college stadiums. Each park has its signature food. It’s not the…

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  • Effects Of Steroids In Baseball

    1994) to the Steroid Era (after 1994), team 's average profit margin increased 4.7%, meaning MLB franchises saw an average increase in revenue of 52.2 million dollars per year (Grossman). By maintaining the status quo, owners are able to develop larger profits every year. So, owners enforce a timid drug policy, trying to make it seem like they are against the PED problem, when actually they benefit from player’s use. How is it that fans still go to games, even when they know PED use occurs? Does…

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