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  • Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun Analysis

    Name Course Institution Tutor Date Elizabeth Vige LeBruns Portrait of Marie-Antoinette en chemise or in a Muslin Dress, 1783, and her Portrait of Marie-Antoinette with her children, 1785-87 In 1783, Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun painted one of the most famous portraits of marie-antoinette. In the painting Marie wore a gown in a style which was famously known as Gaulle. This style encompassed a white muslin dress which was loosely tied over her body and it had a sash on the waist. Marie also in that…

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  • The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufhosis By Gregor Kafka Analysis

    Holiman Question #4 Gregor Samsa is from the story "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, this story contains a man that suddenly turns into a bug, and his dysfunctional family. Alfred Prufrock is from the short poem ' 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", by T.S Eliot. This poem describes Prufrock 's life and the struggles he experiences in his life. Gregor and Prufrock have similar characteristics in their lives, from their odd personalities to their tragic fates. Gregor is an hardworking…

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  • The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock Analysis

    When going through life, the fear of being unlovable tends to go through every person’s mind at some point. J. Alfred Prufrock in the poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” takes this fear to a whole new level. When reading the title of the poem, the reader would more than likely think that it was going to be a beautiful love song. Although, as the poem goes on its obvious that it is the exact opposite of that. T. S. Elliot takes what is a promise of a love song and turns it into more of a…

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  • Icarus In Catechism Class Analysis

    “Icarus in Catechism Class,” a poem written by Dominador Ilio, revolves around the persona wanting to escape the catechism class that he is in. On the other hand, “Musée des Beaux Arts,” a poem written by WH Auden, shows how the “Old Masters” understand suffering as depicted in several artworks, especially Brueghel’s painting of the fall of Icarus, as seen by the persona in a mueseum. This close reading will focus on the importance of Icarus and how suffering is depicted in the poems. Making…

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  • Poetic Analysis Of Robert Frost's Poem Out, Out

    POETIC ANALYSIS OF “Out, Out-” BY ROBERT FROST In Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out-” Frost uses literary devices to portray the fact that life should be valued. The boy that Robert Frost creates is a hard worker. The boy tries to do the best he can, but because of his age and lack of experience, he is unskilled. His unskilled hands are only trained for work that leads to his painful death. Frost mimics the story of Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth through the boy, and the specific way he dies. The…

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  • Naturalistic Play Synopsis

    Naturalistic Play Synopses The Father (W: 1887; P: 1887) Strindberg, August (1849-1912) Translated by Edith and Warner Oland 1912 Source- Strindberg, August. The Father. Edited by Edmund R Brown. Translated by Edith Oland and Warner Oland, Boston International Packet Library, 1912. Characters- Eight cast members total. Three women, four men, and the orderly’s gender is never specified. A Captain of Cavalry Laura- his wife Bertha- their daughter Doctor Östermark The Pastor The Nurse…

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  • Self Portrait In A Convex Mirror Analysis

    “Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror” by John Ashbery is a work of convoluted reflections engaging Renaissance painter Parmigiano, his painting “Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror”, Ashbery himself, and the soul. The poem’s source of inspiration is a physical piece of art, suggesting the poem belongs in the ekphrasis tradition. Immediate tension arises as the painting and the poem belong to vastly different traditions. The technique of ekphrasis in a postmodern tradition has challenged scholars as it…

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  • Allen Ginsberg And Robert Lowell's Poetry: Characteristics Of Confessional Poetry

    Indian English poetry since 1970 has been characterized by failure, hopes and despair, immediacy and anger, search and struggle for identity, human relationship and growing sense of dissatisfaction. It is a kind of strong reaction against romanticism and idealism of its predecessors. It not only tries to establish individuality and reconceptualise values but also tries to redefine culture. Poetry consists of verbal and contextual features, choice of words (diction), syntactic and semantic…

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  • When I Have Fears By John Keats Analysis

    The Poet’s Revelation Countless of people have a constant fear of the limitations of life and not being able to reach their maximum potential because the thought of dying dictates them. And in John Keats’s English sonnet, When I Have Fears, he expresses the anxiety of not having time to reach the pinnacle of his writing career and not being able to experience love. However, Keats also remarks the human insignificance with time and it enables for him to cease from the fear that seems to have a…

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  • Symbolism In Furniss And Bath And Love's Last Lesson

    According to Furniss & Bath, ‘literacy criticism in the Twentieth Century has come to regard ambiguity in poetry as one of its most characteristic and valuable features’, as shown in Michael Drayton’s sonnet ‘The Parting’, Lord Byron’s poem ‘When we two parted’ and Letitia Elizabeth Landon’s poem ‘Love’s Last Lesson’ (Furniss & Bath, 1996: 207). The symbolism used in these poems portray the ambiguous representation of love/death elegies, love symbolizing hope and death symbolizing loss.…

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