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  • Analysis Of Charles Emile-August Carolus-Duran's Portrait Of An Artist

    Charles Emile-August Carolus-Duran’s piece titled Portrait of an Artist in her Studio represents the action of a women painting. This piece was made in the late 19th century (c. 1880) and was considered one of Carolus-Duran’s great society portraits. The piece’s present location is the La Salle University Art Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and its original location was *****. This portrait is oil on canvas, and the “quick, loose brushwork” technique can be accredited to masters such as…

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  • Alone By Edgar Allan Poe Analysis Essay

    POETRY ANALYSIS Alone by Edgar Allan Poe and Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Do you know what is worse than being alone? It is to feel lonely even though you are surrounded by people. Everyone has felt lonely at some point in their life but not all overcome it. Both of my chosen poems, Alone by Edgar Allan Poe and Solitude by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, demonstrate the themes of loneliness and despair. Alone reflects back on the writers past and childhood in a melancholy tone and captures the…

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  • Dehumanization In Literature

    Literature throughout time often features characters who are similar for a variety of reasons. During the nineteenth century many works of literature featured characters who were devalued, exploited, or dehumanized and how they achieve or transform status and gain self respect and/or freedom. These works emphasize the importance of the common man. This trend in print could be attributed to the political climate throughout the nineteenth century. This was a time of turmoil as many people began to…

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  • T. S. Eliot's The Lovesong Of J. Alfred Prufrock

    Throughout “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock”, T.S. Eliot’s main goal is to show us the harsh reality of the world we live in. As we read the poem, we are brought on a journey that opens our eyes to make us realize how empty modern life really is and how we are wasting our lives away. As we go on with our journey with J. Alfred Prufrock we are forced to realize that we live a dull, unimaginative existence that is strictly run by routine and habits. In the poem we follow the narrator, J.…

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  • Musee Des Beaux Arts Poem Analysis

    What is the function of the trope of the fall in literature? In W.H. Auden’s poem “Musee des Beaux Arts”, the trope, abiding by convention, illustrates a metaphoric fall. In his poem, Auden refers to both mythology and the bible to convey the suffering of man and humankind, exemplified through the tale of Icarus. Though Auden succinctly addresses the suffering of humankind, Auden most notably highlights the fallen nature of bystanders to said suffering. In his poem, Auden uses both rhetoric and…

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  • Analysis Of An Echo Sonnet To An Empty Page

    In Robert Pack’s poem “An Echo Sonnet: To an Empty Page”, the narrator is uncertain about what comes with death. He worries about his future and what may happen to him. As the narrator asks questions into the emptiness, he finds answers in the echoes of his voice. Robert Pack uses literary devices such as rhetorical questions, selection of detail, metaphors, juxtaposition, and connotation to construct the meaning of his poem. Beginning in the first quatrain, the voice is very anxious and…

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  • Poem Analysis: The Hollow Men

    Camille Bruce Mr. Evans English 12, Period 3 3 January 2018 Poem Summary The poem “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot talks about the struggles of the men/women in a special world. These people are called hollow men and ultimately represent many of the people in the real world. Eliot is trying to show the similarities of the hollow men to the people in the real world by saying they are lacking certain things such as happiness, love, and hope. The first section of the poem talks about the…

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  • Gustave Courbet: A Burial At Ornans

    movement. For example, in Courbet’s “Le désespéré”, the artist demonstrates different aspects of his personality and emotion which seems to involve frustration, determination, and despair. Courbet’s self-portrait is one of the most famous of the Romantic; however, he fades from tradition as the portrait demonstrates an additional aspect of his personality slowly creating what would be the Realist Movement only a decade later. In “Dystopia 3” by Aziz and Cucher, the artists modify a young girl’s…

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  • The Revolt Of Mother

    They Don’t Need No Man The role of women from the realism time period to the modernism time period changed dramatically. In the realism period, women still have not gotten any equal rights, including voting, being in politics, and even being in any workplace. This caused many women to go against their husband or any other man. The stories in the realism time period that portray this is “The Revolt of Mother” by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman, and “A New England Nun” by Mary Eleanor Wilkins…

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  • John Singer Sargent Research Paper

    painted a portrait called Head of Aesop, after Velasquez that was the beginning of his professional independence. John had also developed a skill called alla prima 3 well studying under Carolus-Duran as a pupil. Sargent had a goal with this painting and the goal was to get the best visual effects from the painting, so that the stroke of the brush and the splashes of the pigment from it would mix together into a realistic image when standing somewhere across the room from the portrait. When…

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