Theme Of The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock And Rhapsody On A Windy Night

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T.S. Eliot’s poetry has been described as “a disturbing portrait of uncertainty amidst the turmoil of modern life” this statement is reflected well by Eliot’s poems; The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (Love Song) and Rhapsody on a Windy Night (Rhapsody). Love Song emphasises this through the portrayal of Prufrock and his thoughts. Rhapsody represents this statement through the repetitive nature of life delineated within the poem. Ingemination a visual representation has been created in order to illustrate common elements between the two texts. Throughout Eliot’s poems, a common theme of a “disturbed portrait” and “uncertainty” is prevalent and visualized within Ingemination.
A common theme within Eliot’s poetry is uncertainty, this is emphasised
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Love Song immediately establishes uncertainty within the poem through the use of its title, Love Song and epigraph, “S’io credesse che mia riposta fossa…” The two opening features contrast each other directly and immediately create conflict within the reader. Eliot’s background aids this conflict because of what was known of Eliot at the time, his style had a continued theme of cynicism and may prepare the reader for J. Alfred’s Hell. Prufrock begins the poem by addressing someone “Let us go then, you and I” although it is unclear who Prufrock is addressing, it is assumed to be his own conflicting thoughts. These thoughts are addressed many times throughout the poem to represent Prufrock’s Uncertainty in

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