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  • Arnett's Theory Of Emerging Adulthood

    The concept of “emerging adulthood”, first introduced by psychologist Arnett (2000), is one that has been picked and pulled apart for its lack of consistency particularly when the theory is applied to a population that does not fit the mold designed by the expert himself (p.469). Given that no one is born an identical replica of someone else (even then experience shapes a person’s life) it is nearly impossible for Arnett’s theory to be applied because so many young adults are not accounted for…

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  • Gender Stereotypes And Bilingual Differences

    Most of the participants stated that they had observed no differences. However, there was one participant that had observed some inequities of other ethnic groups by their administrator. P7 was one of the participants that felt her principal treats her just like all of the other teachers by stating, “I have not encountered such. My administrator has always treated me the same as my non-African American counterparts.” P1 was very to the point, with no elaboration on the subject, “No.” P2…

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  • Adam's Equity Theory

    several line of business a month. As a team, the group has…

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  • Ethics In Qualitative Research

    research. The participants will have an opportunity to ask questions before they agree to the process. This process often begins with an inquiry and questions of the research. The researcher is also the facilitator of the group and will observe social interactions of the focus group along with the other teachers and create professional learning lessons or agendas. The researcher will also create questionnaires and surveys according to the questions that need to be answered. The final…

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  • Mexican Ethnic Identity

    Introduction For the purposes of this paper, I have chosen to focus on the social identities of white privilege and my Mexican ethnicity in discussing how both have impacted the construction of my social identity. Patton, Evans, Forney, Guido & Quaye (2016) mention in their text “Student development in college: Theory, research, and practice” Ferman and Gallego’s model of Latina/o Ethnoracial identity, which I will use to discuss how my Mexican ethnicity and being white has shaped my social…

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  • Rowe And Kahn's Model Of Successful Aging

    The Asian’s have good health in general, whereas the African American have more health issues. The Hispanic groups have a greater rate of diabetes compared to African American people. The Asian culture compared to the African Americans or Hispanics have a poverty rate that is closer to the rate of whites. Provide a brief description of the three models of successful…

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  • Mock Care Conference Reflection

    an informative and educational process for our group. After our presentation the group engaged in reflection together to discuss our learning, the challenges we experienced, how our presentation relates to our class learning and to celebrate our accomplishments. Our reflection will outline our learning and challenges, the feedback from our classmates and how our presentation relates to course learning. Learning & Challenges Within our group process, a lot of learning occurred as we…

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  • Research Paper About Teenage Dating

    In southeastern Asian parents’ eyes, marrying within the same ethnic group also counts as being the “perfect” son or daughter. At a young age, Jeff Yang’s mom illustrated his road map into the future, “‘One, practice piano. Two, go to a good college. Three, become a doctor. And four, marry a nice Taiwanese girl” (Yang). Chinese and Vietnamese parents make sure their child is well rounded in everything, and that includes speaking the parent’s native tongue and understanding the culture — it is…

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  • How To Analyze The Automotive Industry

    Since the beginning of time, we as people have advanced. From slavery to an African American president. From living in a cave to living in a house. From the use of feet to the ability to fly. From leaves covering our bottoms to T-shirts covering up our tops. From hunting our food to having a wide variety of choices in your local grocery store. No matter how you view the world, we as a civilization in American have come a long way from when we first started out. A great way to go in depth on our…

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  • Kpop Women

    It is not a look into the personalities of every group member, rather the types of femininity that is presented in these music videos. Especially in its second wave, or what is known as hallyu 2.0. Hallyu 2.0 which used social media as a podium and allowed K-pop to have an increasing number of followers…

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