Drug Abuse In Society

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Learning Journal 1
I have not been subjected to individuals in my family using or abusing drugs. I also must admit I am a bit naïve about many of the drugs in society today. Therefore, I am learning quite a bit about many different names, types, affects and history of the numerous drugs within our societies. For instance, Marijuana being the oldest known psychoactive plant and that many of the illicit drugs of today were first used for medicinal purposes and for cures of addictions. Also, who would have thought that cocaine was used for eye, nose and throat surgeries for its anesthetic properties? And, I was quite surprised by the statistics, provided by the book, of 4.3 million emergency room visits due to drug use or misuse. More surprising
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“In 2010, among college students aged 18 to 24, 1,825 died from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, 599,000 were unintentionally injured while under the influence of alcohol, 696,000 were assaulted by another student who had been drinking and 97,000 were victims of alcohol-related sexual abuse. Moreover, 100,000 reported being too intoxicated to know if thy consented to having sex”. Hello, this is a crisis. And, unless you are involved with students or do research on your own, many know there is a problem but not to this extreme. Because I work with students on a regular basis, I know several of these numbers are low because many incidents go unreported. The couple of statics, from the book, not surprising were the incarcerations due to drugs and the HIV epidemic because of needle usage. Those topics must be more newsworthy than an 18 year old being sexual assaulted in college. I understand confidentiality, however, alcohol use is rampant in colleges and parents need to be aware of the crisis in schools. The media only highlights the issue when a scholarship athlete or high profile student is involved. However, I feel everyone needs to be aware in order to help educate our youth on the risks of alcohol and drugs. For our week 2 discussion, we discussed how the lyrics of songs promote alcohol and drug use and influence teenagers. We cannot make the songwriters quit writing songs that promote drinking or drug use. However, we can continue to educate our youth and not make alcohol and drugs so readily attainable. I think one of the items from the discussion board that everyone should accept is teenagers are curious and are easily persuaded. I believe middle schools and high schools need to have mandatory drug & alcohol classes. Show teenagers what drugs can/will do to their minds and bodies. Show the horrific car accidents, overdoses and sexual assaults so they are aware. We cannot continue

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