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  • Transnationalism Theory

    Transnationality is an effective conceptual framework that helps to better understand the presence, attitudes, and identity complications of Muslim youth and their parents. Bradatan et al., (2010) point out that transnationals operate cognitively and emotionally within the domains of two worlds and have an attachment to both places. Transnationalism and the sense of diaspora that apply well to Muslim migrants in the States is mainly ascribed to their spiritual connection to their home countries…

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  • Malala Yousafzai Rhetorical Analysis

    Imagine being a woman in the Middle East. Getting married before you even hit puberty, having to wear a veil, being severely punished for little things, and being a slave to your home. The mistreatment of women in the Middle East has been going on for a very long time in countries all over the Middle East. From the Jirga and the ba’ad to the misuse of the veil, middle eastern women have constantly been oppressed by the patriarchal government in place in many countries in the Middle East. As the…

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  • The Failure Of War In The Middle East

    World War Two broke out in the Middle East soon after conflict arose in Europe during the Fall of 1939. The main theater of war in the Middle East was the Western Desert that buffered Italian Libya and British Egypt. Conflict also arose with rebellion in Iraq as consequence of growing western resentment, and in Syria and Lebanon after French defeat and capitulation to the Nazis. After Britain lost its longtime ally, France, they were left standing alone in the Middle East as the last defense…

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  • Middle Eastern Music Essay

    in lots of shapes and has different names depending on the region. Also, this instrument is usually made of wood and sheepskin. The other instrument is the Riq. It is a type of frame drum, but it is made of fish skin. Even though I am an Arab, the Arabic names for these instruments are not familiar to me. That is mainly because the place where I grew up they use other names for the exact same instruments. However, no matter what name is given to the instrument, it always carries the same value…

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  • Shang Dynasty Essay

    The late Shang dynasty left many oracle bones from the process of divination. These bones show the needs and concerns of the ruler and can therefore be used to gain insights to the history, worldview, and social structure of the Shang dynasty. However, in using the oracle bone inscriptions as a method to study the late Shang dynasty, some limitations exist. The documents portray the history and worldview of the Shang dynasty by showing their religious beliefs. Many of the divination charges…

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  • Jade Cong Museum Analysis

    Caleb Richey 11-23-15 Ancient Art 101 Professor Sandra Johnson Jade Cong: Bowers Museum The Jade Cong is a detailed piece of art that is composed of two different colors—a grey and a green sort of color (jade). The green section of this piece is circular with a square area on the sides of the “Cong”. In addition, this circular section of the piece represents the heavens while the square part represents the planet Earth. This is a solid piece of art that is about an inch thick and fully designed…

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  • Latin America Change Over Time Essay

    The Americas – Period 2 consist of North America and Latin America 600-600 CE. Many changes happened whether they were political, economic, or social. Changes over time for North America included trade expansion, tribal government, and agriculture. For South America changes were in the pyramids, Mayan astronomy, and village organization. North America's change in trade expansion and continuity in village life, nomadism, polytheism, and shamanism. Latin America's change in Pyramids, ceremonial…

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  • Importance Of Crowns In Ancient Egypt

    In Ancient Egypt, jewelry and crowns were a big part of the Egyptians culture, and were very important to all Egyptians. Many figures were found on jewelry and crowns, the most common ones being animals, plants, gods, and goddesses. There were three main styles of crowns, the Red Crown, the White Crown, and the Double Crown. Crowns were worn in order to display one’s power, status, and authority. Different people wore these crowns, like pharaohs and Ancient Egyptian gods. Unlike crowns, jewelry…

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  • Morning Star Wings Alternate Ending Essay

    Morning Star Wings “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” The explorer stopped in his tracks as he looked over towards where the voice had come from. Sitting just a little off the path, or more of the slightly beaten down foliage that he was walking on, was an elderly woman. She practically blended in with the surrounding area with her green dirt covered smock, or dress, he really couldn’t tell as she almost seemed to be a shapeless figure. She was scribbling in some sort of book, as if she had not…

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  • The Irrationality Of War In The Iliad By Homer

    The Greek epic The Iliad by Homer depicts the war shaped customs of Ancient Greece. Throughout the epic, the idea of war is championed by the characters as a form of problem-solving. This form of problem solving involves a social-Darwinian scenario where the strongest survive,which in turn develop honor and heroism for these winners. However, Homer utilizes the Greek’s romance with war as an instrument to criticize the violent practice. A culture formed around constant wars will become a culture…

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