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  • Essay About Vietnamese Culture

    Culture is an important factor that my parents hold highly of and felt that my siblings and I should learn every aspect of it. Growing up, my siblings and I attended Vietnamese classes where we learned how to read and write Vietnamese. Vietnamese is not that hard to learn because the letters are similar to those in the English language, but the difficulties was in the accent marks on the words. A wrong pronunciation of the word meant another word. For example, the Vietnamese word for dad is ba,…

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  • Ancient Greek Mythology Analysis

    Another aspect of ancient Greek mythology that thrives in modern-day society is the lessons that the myths taught. The word “μύθος” (mythos) translates to “story” in the English language (Green 197). Due to this, the stories of ancient Greece are called myths, although the ancient Greeks themselves did not believe these tales of gods and goddesses were merely stories. The Although the myths are no longer heeded as warnings against the wraths of gods and goddesses, the myths held truths…

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  • Greek Colonization Essay

    The history of Greek Colonization is a long story that traces its roots back as early as 1050 BCE where the first Greeks began to colonize Asia Minor and in the span of 500 years the Greeks will have spread themselves from Levant to Iberia and Crimea to Naucratis respectively. This colonization process would play a hand in many of the Greek conflicts both domestically and abroad as well has having a profound effect on the cultural and civil trajectories of the mother cities of Hellas. The…

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  • Great Greek Thinkers: Ancient Greek Medicine

    Great Greek Thinkers By: Kelli Floyd The ancient Greeks were remarkably advanced in science, astrology and medicine. They made lots of discoveries, some of which were forgotten about for many years and some discoveries that even the Greeks at the time didn’t believe to be true. Although some of their learning was pulled from the Egyptians, they quickly moved far ahead of them for many reasons. The Greeks were allowed more freedom in thought and experimentation. They also had many schools of…

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  • Ancient Greek Research Paper

    Ancient Greece; a land of wonders. In this presentation, I will explain the social, political, religious, intellectual, technological, and economical aspects of Ancient Greece. You will learn how the Greeks lived, and what the Greeks did. Learn some of the inventions, philosophers, writers, and historians from Ancient Greece. There is also information about Greek social structure, government, wars, and trade. There is so much to learn about Greece! There were different…

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  • Essay On Diversity Of Language

    In contemporary America, the diversity of language has undoubtedly grown in prominence, as communication has continued to develop, and cultures have continued to intertwine. With countless forms and types of languages existing in the modern society, many have inevitably learned to speak and adapt to the common language that is English. While it would often be highly beneficial to learn that common language, in regards to opportunities for success, it is also true, however, that if one decides to…

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  • The Importance Of The Laurel Tree In Ancient Greek Mythology

    Over the years, the Greeks produced dozens of myths involving the gods, as well as mortal heroes. Though it seems that these myths solely entertain the public, they also showcase the Greeks’ personal and cultural values. The myth “Apollo and Daphne” speaks of a god and a nymph, who were both struck my a Cupid’s arrow. Apollo was struck by an arrow, which caused him to become infatuated with Daphne, while Daphne became repulsed by all things related to love. After, quite literally, being chased…

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  • How Did Beer Influence Mesopotamia

    Describe how beer was influential to the development of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Mesopotamia and Egypt were two of the first civilizations in the world., and they set a precedent for many civilizations to come. The well known beverage beer was greatly influential to the development of these civilizations. As early civilizations, Mesopotamia and Egypt were inhabited by some of the first people to transition from hunting and gathering to farming and domestication. Beer can credited with this…

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  • Synchronization Vs Monument

    There is a six century gap between my oldest words, ‘monument’, to my youngest word ‘synchronization’. When this time span is put into perspective this gap does not come as a shock. Monuments have been built since the beginning of time. Their purpose is to commemorate and immortalize important people and significant events that have happened in history. For instance the Great Pyramid of Giza was built to serve as a final resting pace of a pharaoh. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece was once a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Island Of Zanene

    Zanene is a small, sunny island located between China and Japan. The people of the island would identify more with the asian race because of this. On my way into the main village of Verser I get a nice glimpse of the rice fields that dot this small island. You see, here on the Island of Zanene, rice is their livelihood. To them, rice is their life. They have a whole religion set up with Pedia (Goddess of Rice) and Lisia (Goddess of Rain). Everyone at some point in their life has worked on the…

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