The Importance Of The Laurel Tree In Ancient Greek Mythology

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Over the years, the Greeks produced dozens of myths involving the gods, as well as mortal heroes. Though it seems that these myths solely entertain the public, they also showcase the Greeks’ personal and cultural values.
The myth “Apollo and Daphne” speaks of a god and a nymph, who were both struck my a Cupid’s arrow. Apollo was struck by an arrow, which caused him to become infatuated with Daphne, while Daphne became repulsed by all things related to love. After, quite literally, being chased by Apollo around a forest, Daphne called out to her father – river god, who turned her into a laurel tree. The teleological interpretation of the myth demonstrates the origin of the laurel tree, as believed by the ancient Greeks. With this myth, the Greeks either tried to explain the origin of a beautiful and useful tree, or they simply wanted to make the tree seem more intriguing and attractive.
After Daphne’s transformation into a tree, Apollo promised to protect her and use the leaves as a crown. This particular part of the myth demonstrates the importance of the laurel tree in the Greek culture. The branches of the trees have been used as symbols of importance and victory in the Olympic games, various battles and poetry competitions.
The etiological context of the myth, not only shows us the importance of the laurel tree, but also gives us a
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It is clear that the Greeks paid a lot of attention the human body in sculptures, but this idea can be also seen in poetry and storytelling. Just like in “Pygmalion and the Statue”, many Greek myths thoroughly describe female qualities in very poetic terms. Though their stories involving women are often very demeaning, it does showcase the Greeks’ sentimentality and attention to tiny details, which helped them develop their skills in the

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