Greek Mythology

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Cesar Quiroz
20 April 2015
Mr. Farson
English 1A
Greek Gods In today 's world, there is a vast amount of knowledge and information to learn from. Many subjects are important to incorporate, but none are as important as literature. There are many forms of literature that should be thought, such as Shakespeare and the Bible. One type of literature I believe the school districts should incorporate in English classes is Greek Mythology. It is a very interesting literature and history to learn from. The reasons I believe Greek Mythology should be incorporated into English courses is because it is basic knowledge that the average person should know. Being able to know literature such as Greek Mythology will allow students to expand their vocabulary
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They also incorporate many mythical characters and stories. That way, students can learn about myths in a very fun and interesting way. The way the Greek Mythology is told incorporate factors of storytelling that teachers can use as example to teach students how write essays and creative stories. Some of the vocabulary words derive from these Greek stories. Greek mythology is a subject you can add into a course like a history class or just as simple literature class. Some of Greek Mythology incorporate vents in history and can be very useful in teaching history. Greek stories are told to teach people right from wrong. Many of these stories can influence people to change for the better as it contains morals and ethical codes. In a survey I conducted to some of my classmates here at Hartnell College I asked them “Would Greek Mythology be a form of a literature you would like to learn about?” and “Do you think the Greek Mythology has some learning value?” Everyone responded to the question saying yes and that they would love to learn about the literature and the values it holds. The results to these answers show that students are curious about learning new interesting things. Some students would really enjoy the stories that the Greek Mythology contain. In the book The Greeks and Their Gods by W.K.C. Guthrie he states that most greek people take their portraits …show more content…
It also provides us with links if we wish to find more detailed information. Each link for each different god, Titan, or hero gives us a brief description of their accomplishments. It also references to what source they got all the information from. This allows the user to find out if the data is good to use.

Guthrie, W K. The Greeks and their gods. Boston: Beacon Press, 2015. 10 April 2015. Pages 27-112. Print.
This book focuses on each god individually and describes their life in a more detailed manner. This book also focuses on the divine family more than the twelve Olympian Gods. It also includes stories from the poets and philosophers. The author Guthrie translates the language and writes the book in a more understandable way. This allows the reader to understand the reason behind each character 's actions.

Hartnell College Students. "Would Greek Mythology be a form of a literature you would like to learn about?, Do you think the Greek Mythology has some learning value?." Survey. 11 April

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