The Role Of Democracy In Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greek Gender Many nations and civilization have ruled different lands and different people. One of the most ancient civilizations was the Greek civilization. It existed around the Mediterranean Sea where the country Greece is located. The ancient world and society have similar perspectives and different once. Democracy is an example of parallels thoughts in compare to nowadays. Although democracy in ancient Greece and modern life are diverse, the old Greeks, at least, advanced in political views for a nation at that time. Athenians are the first who came up with such a system where citizens can vote for new lawmaking. They engaged with democracy in a very basic way as well as that not everybody in Athens was eligible to vote. The participants …show more content…
The Greek nation was one of the first developed nations that has advanced thoughts that match our ideas in present days. The Greeks were divided into self-ruled states; however, Athenian developed a system that is very similar to the democracy in our days. However, the progress of this democracy differ from the modern one. It was an impressive thing to create such a law that allows people of the state to participate and vote for legislation and executive. Although it was direct voting only, it was an advanced political thought. Nevertheless, the only group of people who are allowed to vote is male. Also, not every male can participate in such an honoring event. Males who were enslaved, who did pass the age of twenty or who did not complete his army training cannot attend such an event and vote. Ancient world always looked down on women thinking of them as inferior to them. Since the Greeks was like that as well, males had always played the leading role and taken the responsibility to defend the state; meanwhile, females had been home keeping the house clean and taking care of the kids. Therefore, gender identifies a person’s role in the Greek

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