Palace Of Knossos Essay

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The Palace of Knossos- The Palace of Knossos was a place built on the island of Crete by King Minos around 1900 BC It was an elaborate place with five stories containing hundreds of rooms, plumbing, brightly colored paintings called frescoes, and thousands of storage jars. This palace was where large gatherings were held, things were stored, and the king lived. The Palace of Knossos is important when studying Greece History because it gives us insight into the lives of the Minoans. The elaborate paintings on the wall show what these people enjoyed doing in their leisure time such as bull riding. Also, the paintings and figures of women show that the Minoans were a female dominate culture. Overall, the elaborate palace of Knossos causes historians to think that the people of Minoan civilization were happy and prosperous.
2. The Phoenician Alphabet- Around 950-750 BC the greeks adopted the Phoenician alphabet. This alphabet was different from all other ones because it used one letter to represent one sound instead of one letter to represent one syllable like in Linear A and B. This makes the language much easier to write, read, and
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In the 1950s an English architect by the name of Micheal Ventris showed that the second language found on the tablets in Knossos was in fact the earliest and first form of Greek writing called Linear B, not the Minoan language of Linear A. These tablets dated back before the fall of Knossos in 1370 BC These Linear B tablets are important because they show that the Minoans did not have power over Knossos at the time of its falling in 1370 BC, but the Mycenaeans did. This causes historians to believe that the Minoans only had power over Knossos for a short time, if any time at all. This is the start of Greek history, and we know all of this because of the Linear B tables discovered at Knossos.
4. Poseidon as a

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