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  • Modern Architecture In America

    readings, the essay also covered the similarities of modern architecture in America influencing the modernism trend around the globe and different purposes of modernism presented in the readings.…

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  • How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence Early American Architecture

    President Thomas Jefferson was the chief driving force behind the newly created United States embracing Neoclassism as its architectural style. Serving a symbolic function, Jefferson believed that America must cast off the old English architectural style and embrace the style of the old Greek and Roman Republics. Jefferson constructed his own estate at Monticello in Virginia and the Virginia State Capitol building using classical revivalism, yet added many details that were commonly found in…

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  • The Math Of The Ideal Villa By David Rowe Summary

    In the excerpt “the Four Books on Architecture” Palladio develops a numerical and logical system organizing spatial relationships among the elements involved in any building. This system is a guidance for architects when designing such buildings as villas and houses. As well this system includes detailed rules to be considered when an architect arranges building rooms, when he specifies the proportions of spaces, when he makes decisions about the dimensions of halls associating the height of a…

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  • How Did Frank Lloyd Wright Influence On Graphic Design

    influenced the development of architecture and modern graphic design in immense and subtle ways. Frank Lloyd Wright should be given more credit for his influence on graphic design not only from his several digital designs but through his fine arts work as well, because of his unique style of experimenting with nature in his design and architectural background. His creative style brings life to the straightest, strong, and bold structures. Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and…

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  • Vanna Venturi House Essay

    There are many basic elements of the house resist standard modernist architecture elements. An enclosure ground floor set consistently on the ground, rather than glass walls which open up the ground floor. And a non-structural applique arch reflects a return to mannerist architecture. The use of wood, which is a nature material, make it looks more ambiguous or noncommittal. In addition, it has a gabled roof rather than the flat…

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  • Absolute Architecture

    The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture. The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture by Pier Vittorio Aureli is very subjective. Architecture makes sense within the social, political and cultural dimension. It is represented through the ideal appearance of the built environment. In the title he has used the word absolute which refers to the marked boundary of a city. Urbanization for most architects is interchangeable, but for him it is a fundamental phenomena which is the division and…

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  • Architecture: Postmodernism In Australia

    just the manifestation of superficial nostalgia?”.1 Postmodernism came as a protest against the sterile emptiness of ‘late modern’ architecture, which lacks the satisfactory reference to everyday world of things. Modern architecture was always abstract and drew away from reality. It became non-figurative, as it abandoned ‘figures’ that constituted the basis of architecture of the past.2 The referred ‘architectural figure’ was a term coined by Paolo Portoghesi in the late 1970s to describe…

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  • Postwar Sarasota School Essay

    American regional modernism in the mid-century founded by Sarasota school of architecture in Sarasota, FL during the 1941 to 1966. Develop by the members, Paul Rudolph, Bert Brosmith, Ralph Twittchell, William Rupp, Victor Lundy, Tim Seibert, Jack West, Philip Hiss, Gene Leedy, Carl Abbot and Mark Hampton. Sarasota school of architecture was characterizing by climate, topography and Florida lifestyle, which influenced in the development of American Architecture. By 1950’s it expand to outside…

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  • Modern Architecture In Los Angeles

    Modern Architecture in Los Angeles In Los Angeles, the captivating buildings of different sizes and structures are an important element to the city’s identity. Common bystanders might only see buildings as structures that are useful as work, commercial, and living places. Even though architecture is an essential component to provide the best use of space, there is more than meets the eye. The architecture of buildings exposes to us a time, a style, and a story that speak an abundant amount of…

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  • Utopian Architecture Vs Urban Architecture

    apartments in every single building, along with open facilities on the ground floor and roof. Due to the costing of steel production after the war economy, the Unité d’Habitation was constructed of exposed concrete and indicated the arrival of Brutalism architecture. This typology, which proved an answer to the after the war housing deficiency, was further changed around the world in countless housing…

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