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  • Landscape Urbanism Case Study

    Here, I am blogging some random thoughts about today’s discussion of how to apply landscape urbanist strategies to architectural level. When it comes to architectures, it always seems to be harder for us to put CAS theory into practical use, and here’re some possible reasons as far as I am concerned. Firstly, architectures are not easy to change due to their large scale compared to human. For example, Capsule Tower, which is a masterpiece represents for Metabolism, built by japanese architect…

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  • Characteristics Of Balinese Architecture

    Balinese architecture is a vernacular style of architecture wherein designers use local materials to help construct buildings, structures, and houses, as well as reflecting local tradition. It is a centuries-old style of design that’s heavily influenced by Bali’s Hindu traditions, as well as ancient Javanese elements. For the materials that are required for Balinese homes and buildings mostly will be thatch roofing, coconut wood, teak wood, stone, bamboo and bricks. Balinese architecture has…

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  • Analysis Of Punggol: From Kampung To Developmental Heartland

    would be surprised to find a series of murals filling the public space. Painted along the outer edges and corners of the HDB flats, being incorporated into dents on the walls and pillars, its cartoonish style is juxtaposed with the sleek and modern architecture of the buildings that house these murals. Figure 1: Mural found at the void deck of Block 105D Edgefield Plains. Figure 2: A street view of Block 105D Edgefield Plains. Commissioned by Housing Development Board and Punggol Coral…

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  • Toyo Ito Theory

    solve primary form problems and he has been able to keep technologically complication under control. The application of technical resources actually serve the morphological lighting and dematerialization of the construction. At the same time Toyo Ito working on the project of Mediatheque, he start to use “blurring” term to describe his architectural theories. Image 8 Due to the development of modern technology, people start to complete more complex tasks with the help of technical devices…

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  • Tadao Ando

    the present of Japanese traditional concept in his architecture, Ando was influence by Modern architecture (Louis Kahn and Le Corbusier) I will discuss in this paper the vision and concept that Ando‘s Architecture was built upon. II. The process of Ando's architecture Tadao ando is a self-taught architect. He was born and grow n in Osaka Hanshin area, Japan. Hansin is an old section, distinguish for its deep and traditional Japanese architecture. (Hien,…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci's Embodiment Of Architecture

    Vitruvian man in the architecture world. This drawing eventually becomes a fundamental element throughout the centuries. Most of the architects design their buildings by using this principle. However, after all these years of transformation of one architecture style to another, one question is raised - is there any other ways architecture an embodied process? In this essay, I am going to discuss about another method of embodiment of architecture and some example of architecture design by mostly…

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  • Dieter Rams: Interior Design

    In 1953 Dieter Rams Successfully took a position of an Architect in Otto Appel company who became the main representative of the ‘’international style’’ in Frankfurt. His first job was to practice architecture for 2 years. One day, Rams' friend told him about in-house architect position in Braun company. Dieter Rams didn't know a thing about this company, but he decided to apply for a job anyway. The young architect had no clue that his work would be crucial for design history and that it…

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  • Importance Of A Good Carpenter

    CARPENTRY CONTRACTORS Carpenters build, erect or repair structures made of wood, steel or wood substitutes. They can build the frame of the house, walls and roof; install doors, windows, floors, cabinetry, ceiling tiles, complete other structural work such as sub-floor framing; and may even repair damaged furniture. Carpenters may specialize in a particular area of the trade, so be sure your chosen professional is able to complete your specific project. Whether you need carpentry work done for…

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  • Comparison Of Tree Of Life Series And Ice Man

    The tree of life series and Ice man are two amazing pieces of artwork. They have some things alike but they also have differences. The tree of life is by, Ana Mendieta , a sculptor, painter and video artist who was best known for her "earth-body" artwork. Ice man by Kiki Smith is an artist best known for her figural representations of humanity, despair, and sexuality. Each piece of artwork has its very own message but they always relate in a way. In the Tree of Life Series, Mendieta,…

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  • Field Of Film Analysis

    emphasize not only the significant role of architectural basic design elements in the process of filmmaking; but also emphasize the examples to reveal how this correspondence transcends an alternative way in reading/analyzing films. In the field of architecture; point, line, plane and volume were referred as the ‘conceptual elements’ (primary elements of design); and their…

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