Personal Statement Essay: My Studies In The Architectural Field

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Architecture is more than steel and glass. The edifices that humans have built throughout history stand as a testament to the people and the ideals that embodied their society. Buildings are places where people live, work, and play. Architects play a vital role in how humans will interact with their structures. They will also have an influence on the way people behave within the space. Architects play a role in shaping the future of society by the structures that they create. By creating the buildings of the future, they are creating the society of the future as well. This is why I wish to complete my studies in the architectural field. Many times when people think of architects, they think of the buildings, but when I think about the field of architecture, I think of how the buildings will serve and influence the people who will utilize them. My dream is to create extreme architecture in Kuwait. The architecture of Kuwait is unique and challenges the limits of design. Buildings in Kuwait have a unique international style takes inspiration from around the globe, but that never strays far from its Middle Eastern roots. Buildings are more than useful structure, they are works of art both inside and outside. Many buildings enhance their natural surroundings. They can blend into their surroundings or …show more content…
My desire is to enter a school that is both challenging and that will give me information that will help to prepare me for a career as an extreme architect in Kuwait. This is a lifelong dream and something that I am passionate about and ready to pursue with enthusiasm. To me, the buildings that I produce are my gift to the world. They are a form of artistic expression that will add beauty to the city and the area surrounding the building. This is the vital reason for wishing to pursue a graduate degree in

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