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  • Comparing Michel Foucault's 'Space, Knowledge, And Power'

    only meant to say that in the eighteenth-century one sees the development of reflection upon architecture as a function of the aims and techniques of the government of societies”(Michel Foucault,296). It is a narration of architectural idea that was affected by liberalism in the eighteenth century. When I compare the Michel Foucault “Space, Knowledge, and Power” and Mark Wigley “Deconstructive Architecture,”they indicate some differences for philosophy concept and architectural idea. The Michel…

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  • Advantages Of Irrational Tectonic

    Joints is a key for tectonic, tectonic is a key for construction. The idea of architecture design in this exhibition will be different. Comparing to typical design strategies, which means analysis programs need or volume operation, this exhibition starting from smallest component, joint, to face the architectural discourse. How to apply or face the joints of architecture will show the difference attitude we face to our spacial design. Tectonic is a way to connect components, is a kind of…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Architecture

    The work of an architect is visible from the houses in a sub development to skyscrapers located in cities all around. Every building or structure no matter how small or how large started as a design created by an architect. The styles of architecture varies around the world and from architect to architect, each person has their own style of design. Becoming an architect requires a lengthy and expensive college education along with an internship for a student to become certified. Even though the…

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  • The Death And Life Of Great American Cities Analysis

    were constructed in both physical and social aspects of their environments. For the first time in American history, a fresh and innovative, at the time radical, movement sprung up due to the observations and claims that Jacobs proposed in her book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. During the 1950’s, modernism had already become an established (and universally accepted) ethos in American city planning. Jane Jacobs witnessed the shortcomings of the modernist city planning paradigms…

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  • Construction Week Model

    THE RISE OF UK CONSTRUCTION WEEK UK Construction Week was designed to be influential and challenge the industry from its very inception. Now, shortlisted ‘Best Launch Of The Year’ and ‘Best Team Of The Year’ for the PPA Connect Awards, having already won the ‘AEO Best Trade Show Launch’; it attracted a record number of visitors in its second edition and is showing no signs of slowing down. Launched in October 2015, UK Construction Week just realised its second edition attracting more than 30…

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  • Monuments Modernism And The Public Space Analysis

    In the text titled "Monuments, Modernism and the Public Space" authors Pam Meecham and Julie Sheldon explore how urbinisation affected monuments especially when they were used to beautify and signify an entire city's identity or history. In this text there are two main focal points in which the authors expand on and a look into todays monuments status. They firstly focus on how contrasting message-wise the socialist and democratic monuments are, even though they appear to be similar in form and…

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  • Gloria Chair Analysis

    Bar, 2017 Straw and wood are natural materials that reinforce the Brazilianness in the piece besides being a timeless desire. The bar has a brach-shaped structure, signature of the designer, working as a pictorial language that refers to sustainability and nature, factors that contribute to the construction and maintenance of the values of Paulo Alves' pieces. Gloria chair, 2009 The design of the Gloria chair comes from the premises of minimalism, clean and abstract features, free from any…

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  • Traditional Procurement Methods: Tradewinds Corporations Berhad Build

    4.0 Critics of Case Study 4.1 Traditional Procurement Methods Traditional System is otherwise as Design-Bid-Build (DBB). It is most common use in the construction industry. With the option given, the client appoints an architect to prepare a brief, a scheme outlines and working drawings, and to welcome tenders and control the venture however issuing guidelines, inspecting the work under construction and preparing certificates for payment. In another word, client requirement need to be prepared…

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  • My Importance Of Architecture

    The excellence of architecture is that it has the potential to move, while it stands still. I look for advancement and appreciation, the chance to make architecture move individuals. I believe architecture is an ability as well as a blend of combination of creativity and imagination. The world of design is exciting, especially in a developing global society. Architecture is not just the study of structure, but more importantly, the study of people. All architecture becomes a part of city…

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  • The Crying Of Lot 49 Analysis

    2. The Crying of Lot 49: modernism or postmodernism? In my arguing that The Crying of Lot 49 can also be construed as a late-modernist text, I will turn to Harvey’s essay ‘The Cry from Within or Without? Pynchon and the Modern – Postmodern Divide’ where he fervently argues against McHale’s ‘claim’ that The Crying of Lot 49 is fundamentally a modernist text by presenting two core arguments relating to a) intertextuality and b) Oedipa’s search for truth. Before I will dispute any arguments of…

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