Altered state of consciousness

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  • Comparison Of Desert Solitaire And Being Caribou, By Edward Abbey

    southwest region of the United States. Whereas, in Being Caribou, Allison wants to protect the caribous located in Alaska, where the government wants to drill for oil and destroy their sacred calving grounds. Even though they are both fighting to help the wildlife and nature, they use different techniques to achieve their common goal. Abbey used a memoir to criticize society and create a feeling of melancholy and remorse, while Allison made a documentary film to create consciousness…

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  • Paul Churchland Substance Dualism Analysis

    Churchland makes the argument for neural dependence, stating that “if there really is a distinct entity in which…consciousness takes place…one would expect…consciousness to be relatively invulnerable to direct control…manipulation or damage to the brain” (Churchland, 287). For example, if an individual were to have a few alcohol drinks, the individual becomes impaired. If the two were in fact…

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  • Traumatic Encephalopathy Case Study

    to an impacted force against the brain, small vessels rupture causing an intracerebral hematoma. As the hematoma expands it causes an increase in intracranial pressure, which compresses the brain tissue. These changes cause changes in level of consciousness such as confusion and unresponsiveness. Furthermore, a CT scan, MRI, and/or cerebral angiography are used to confirm the diagnosis of an intracerebral…

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  • Tiziano Furlanetto's Article: The Bilocated Mind

    When exploring the concept of dissociation, dissociative drugs such as LSD play a key role in showing how dissociation affects a person. Those who use drugs such as LSD experience an altered state of consciousness that affects their senses and perception to the point of possibly experiences hallucinations. Apart from hallucinations LSD can also cause the effect of dissociation where one feels depersonalized from their physical body and is trying…

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  • Eternal Sunshine Identity

    (Klein). Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind sets the focus on this dynamic, examining the impairment imposed on its characters’ perception of their own identity caused by the selective memory erasure. The film portrays the disruption of the consciousness engendered by labored forgetting. As its protagonists struggle with existential crises as a consequence of their treatment, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind challenges the pivotal importance of memory not only in our comprehension of the…

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  • Dylann Roof Analysis

    minorities are seen with contempt and pity such as Dylann Roof. Dylann Roof, is a 21-year-old White male, who conducted a mass shooting in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Double Consciousness allows a person to see society in a dominant culture’s perspective. W.E.B. Dubois’s theory about “Double Consciousness”, is proven in the events of the South Carolina mass shooting, forcing the world to see…

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  • Analysis Of My Bondage And My Freedom

    opposite side of the veil, cannot truly see what is happening to people of color under it. Because of the long history of enslavement and oppression, it is impossible for people of color to unify their African identity to the American one. Double consciousness, is when a person is able to see themselves as an individual and a person under the eyes of society as well. The acknowledgement of these two identities works together to help a person contradict the negative stereotypes inflicted in…

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  • Analysis Of Julie Otsuka's The Buddha In The Attic

    concepts from postcolonial theory can be adapted and are applicable to their story. Throughout the novel, the Picture Brides are shown sharing similar symptoms of that of a colonized subject, embodying what Lois Tyson explains as a “colonized consciousness” (249). According to Tyson, “colonial subjects usually practice mimicry and experience unhomeliness [emphasis in original]” (249), two symptoms I was able to recognize upon analyzing the Picture Brides within the novel. However, the major…

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  • Importance Of Materialism In Anthropology

    Boas rejects the then dominant theories of unilineal evolution of culture and hyper-diffusion, and offers an alternative explanation, which states there may be different ultimate and co-existing types of civilization (Boas 27). The popular beliefs of the study of cultures saw all societies as progressing through hierarchic stages of culture and technology. Boas argues that the unilineal evolutionary…

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  • Alienation And Loneliness In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    goodness, even with an inclination toward kindness, should circumstances of his upbringing call forth this favored response.” Created with an altered mentality of a baby, the monster had an unbiased view of the world. Even though the monster seeks revenge, it is evident that he is a victim of humankind 's cruelty, which eventually leads him to his vengeful state. The monster expresses his feelings to Victor saying, “ ‘let [man] live with me in the interchange of kindness; and, instead of injury,…

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