Altered state of consciousness

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  • Barbara Kruger Research Paper

    Barbara Kruger is a brilliant American Visual Artist, who sends messages through her work about the state of the country and the state of the world. She tries to tackle issues about gender, power, identity and the glass ceiling. Her style is quite distinctive as she uses found photography, which has been altered to have extreme black and white contrast and is overlayed with red and white text. Barbara Kruger became recognized as an artist in the late 60’s when feminism was reviled by the masses…

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  • Summary: The Rhetorician As An Agent Of Social Change

    author in the beginning of the article states that “ One way to increase our participation in public discourse is to bridge the university and community through activism.”, “ I believe modern rhetoric and composition scholars can be agents of social change.” To begin the author talks about the stairs at the University of Rensselaer, stating how universities tend to “ Sit in isolated relation to the communities in which they’re located.” Further, the author states that “ Activism begins with a…

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  • Hallucinogenic Research Paper

    With an ancient history of civilizations using psychoactive substances as medicinal, ritual, and spiritual remedies, these drugs have shown positive treatments in more recent years. This notion that hallucinogenic drugs played a significant part in the development of religion has been extensively discussed for many years, causing controversial aspect of “hallucinogenic” or psychedelic drugs generate religious experience, and whether this experience is genuinely religious. Before considering the…

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  • Nida Denson Meta-Analysis Examples

    It is clear that people’s opinions and views regarding their prejudice in reference to particular topics, for example racial discrimination, are not gained at birth, but are formed at a relatively early age due to the heavy influence of cultural norms and expectations. The level of prejudice gained from this factor strongly depends on the area in which you live, the culture of that area and therefore the specific type of people living in that area. It is also clear, however, that these views can…

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  • Essay On Conflict Theory

    Since the beginning of time humans have been using psychoactive substances. The reasons behind substance drug use vary from person to person and change century to century. There are five historical categories in which substance drug use fall into: basic need to cope with their environment, brain chemistry, involvement of the ruling class or government, technological advances in refining synthesizing and manufacturing drugs, and lastly the development of faster more efficient methods of…

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  • Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Analysis

    cockroach. The day after Gregor’s family discovers that he is an insect, he waits for the house to empty in order to explore, and feels a sense of ease and affluence (Kafka 214). Gregor, post-transformation, acquires perspective and knowledge in his altered form; additionally, it is as if the lessened pressure and responsibility provide a sense of euphoria. The great escape of one’s existence can also be looked at as a desire for death. A mundane existence, slowly rotting away, like the apple…

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  • Analysis Of Charles Siebert's An Elephant Crack-Up

    In many situations, human beings have no capability of dominating what they experience in the outside world. Events like accidents or opportunities are beyond individuals’ control and their range of prediction. However, there is a natural demonstrator living in individuals’ brain, determining how individuals perceive the outside world. Besides, the perception varies along with individuals’ experiences, belief, personality, and volition. Charles Siebert, in his essay “An Elephant Crackup?”,…

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  • Freud's Interpretation Of Dreams

    In his Interpretation of Dreams (1991), Freud implies that the nature of the dream has psychological effects and deals with the innermost emotions that could only be reached in an unconscious state. Freud believed that ‘the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.’ (Freud, 1991) His theory was based on the idea that there are two types of mental content, the latent and the manifest kind…

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  • Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Essay

    Opposing to determinism comes the idea of indeterminism, which is the complete opposite. Indeterminism is the idea that rejects both hard and regular determinism saying that not every event has its sufficient natural causes. This idea leaves room for free will that some actions are due to choices that living beings make. This would mean that people re responsible for their actions and are left to make their own thoughts and decisions. Physicist, Werner Heisenberg, created the Heisenberg…

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  • Pneumonia Epidemiology

    Introduction Pneumonia is a common infection in one or both of the lungs generally caused by bacteria or a virus. The symptoms of Pneumonia can vary from mild to severe where most healthy people recover from symptoms in one to three weeks, however, depending on the severity of pneumonia, it can be life threatening. [1] This investigation is going to discuss the epidemiology and the frequency of the clinical presentations of the disease within Australia as well as investigate the financial…

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