Altered state of consciousness

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  • D. T. Max Sleep Essay

    According to D.T. Max sleep is defined as a dynamic state characterized by shifting levels of electrical activity and the flow of chemicals into various regions of the brain. A pinhead size cluster of cells called the ventrolateral preoptics nucleus (VLPO) send signals to arousal centres to stop producing histamine and other chemicals that keep us awake. Another cell cluster called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) generates the “wake-up” cue that signals the VLPO to stop activating the arousal…

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  • The Red Spill And The Blue Pill By Nagel

    are originating in our ‘minds’ or bodies. Physicalism says that ones mind or consciousness is no different from the physical system of the brain. Nagel explains, what limits us are our inability to understand what functions in the brain create the mind or consciousness.…

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  • The Case Of The Woman Who Dreams Of Stress Case Study

    This theory states that dreams allow critical information that is necessary for our survival to be reprocessed and reconsidered during sleep. According to the theory, dreams represent our concerns, uncertainties, and indecisions in our life. In Arlene’s case, she is…

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  • Reflection Of Cognitive Psychology

    are many areas in cognitive psychology that are not fully understood. Therefore, there are many areas within cognitive psychology that can be explored. Which makes experimenting in this area exciting. Learning about the different theories has altered how I think about events in everyday life. For instance, how emotions are created is something I have questioned. Learning the theories of emotion has given me a better understanding on what are the potential causes. This can help me in…

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  • What Is Personal Identity?

    personal identity consists, not in sameness of substance, but in ‘sameness of consciousness’(Shoemaker on the Memory Theory). When something psychological like soul, memory and something immaterial etc. are assumed to account for persistence through time, which is the numerical identity between objects at different times(Seymour, Lecture 4/4), they are categorized as the non-physical accounts. In Locke’s view, consciousness was used as a synonym of memory although he did not specify the…

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  • Sloss Furnace Analysis

    Furnaces shows how the spirits are still there after numerous accounts of on the job deaths. In the southern portion of Alabama, Old Cahawba apparently presents reverberations of adolescents being humorous. Meanwhile, in the upper Northern section of the state, a mansion that is named Sweet Water Mansion, with a not so sweet story; such as numerous photographs full of orbs, and lots of arsons. The rest are all hoaxes, these “hauntings” are credible,…

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  • Essay On Involuntary Admission

    functions such as memory, learning, perception, consciousness, emotions, thought, reasoning, imagination and problem solving and until recently only the patient was permitted to participate in the evaluation not friends or family (Thirunavukarasu, 2011). Since my family was able to give testimonies as to her manic-psychosis episodes she was finally diagnosed. However, the system that was…

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  • Football Traumatic Brain Injury

    their younger fans who share the same dream, may seem invincible. Would every think of the dangers that comes with the talent of playing football? According to article “League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for the Truth”. Studies state “377,000 out of the million young athletes playing football at 15,000 high schools in America were injured. 60,000 suffered major injuries, 15,000 will need surgery, and two dozen will suffer fatal injuries” (Dabcheck). Although, these numbers…

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  • Personal Identity In John Locke's Memory Criterion

    makes me a human organism, but I am a ‘person’ because I am a ‘thinking and intelligent being’ (Olsen, 2016), and according to Locke, ‘consciousness is inseparable from thinking’. If consciousness is inseparable from thinking and thinking links to our memories then this brings up the critical issue of identity, which is…

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  • The Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming

    it's called a lucid dream. When a strange dream makes a person stop and question reality is when it typically occurs. Lucid dreaming has an interesting aspect to it, and it's the ability to regulate the dream and make some other reality in the dream state, which is the reason why lots of people learn the fundamental lucid dreaming steps. A lot of cultures from ancient times took lucid dreaming very seriously. For instance, people living in ancient Egypt thought that dreams opened up the eyes of…

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