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  • Unknown Ionic Compound Lab Report

    Project 3 Identification and Synthesis of an Unknown Ionic Compound Mitchell Morgan CEM-161-007 Josh Ward 28th October 2015 Abstract The chief objective of this experiment was to identify the unknown compound. The following tests were conducted to eventually establish the identity of the compounded: qualitative solubility tests, anion and cation tests, flame test, and the formation of a precipitate. The physical properties of the unknown ionic compound found that it has no smell and was…

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  • Identifying Acid Values

    values greater than 7 are known to be bases, while those having pH equal to 7 is identified as neutral substances (Petrucci, 2011). Identifying its electrolytic property also helps to characterize the given solutions. Strong electrolytes, such as strong acids and bases and salts are known to fully dissociate its ions in the solution, making it a good conductor of electricity. On the other hand, the presence of weak electrolytes, such as weak acids and bases, do not dissociate its ions completely…

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  • Unknown Solutions Lab Report

    matrix was constructed. The pH of each solution was measured and labeled from a strong base to a very strong acid. Then, react one of the unknown solution with all of the others and note any visible reaction (change in color or formation of precipitate) that occurs. After that, some the solutions might be identified throughout the…

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  • H2o4-9 Final

    Assessment Directions: Choose the correct answer from the choices below. 1. The mass of an atom expressed relative to the mass of? A. Carbon-6 C. Carbon-12 B. Carbon-10 D. Carbon 2. It is defined as the number of atoms of that element equal to 12.0 grams of an isotope of Carbon. A. Molar Mass C. Particles B. Stoichiometry D. Mole 3. The first step in every Stoichiometry Problems is to? A. Balance the equation C. Solve the mass of the…

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  • Captain Bernard Quotes

    Nicolle Bernard has been serving our country for nine years in the Air Force. Captain Bernard grew up in Madison, New Jersey and is currently stationed in Germany near the Ramstein Air Base. Nicolle is a strong woman who puts a lot on the line for our country. At age fifteen Nicolle became interested in meteorology when starting her college search. Captain Bernard needed a way to pay for college, so when she discovered the Air Force she thought this was a perfect opportunity. She received…

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  • A Summary Of Moso Bamboo

    A different type of Japanese bamboo had been studied by Phong et al. (2012). Moso bamboo was harvested and processed using several methods to obtain the fiber. In alkali extraction method, the bamboo was cut into thin slabs with length and thickness of 25 cm and 3 mm, respectively. The slabs were immersed in different concentration NaOH solution (1%, 2%, 3%) at 70 ⁰C for 10 h. This study showed that only 1% NaOH resulted in higher mechanical properties. The roller looser was then used to produce…

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  • Nimodipine Research Paper

    NIMOTOP INJECTION Nimodipine 0.02% solution contains the following excipients: Ethanol 96%, Macrogol 400, sodium citrate, citric acid, Water for Injections Ph. Eur. These excipients consist of properties that aim towards the proper functionality of Nimotop. They consist of inherent stabilities that cause little or no effect in the stability of the drug and they do not have any acute or chronic toxicity. The excipients are also added into the Nimodipine 0.02% solution to enhance the biological…

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  • Chemical Equilibria Lab Report

    Analysis of Chemical Equilibria INTRODUCTION The reaction being done with borax and HCl is an acid base reaction. The K constant expression of the reaction is Kc = [Na^+][B4O7^-2]. A titration is needed for this experiment because when a strong acid with a known concentration is added to a weak base, the unknown concentration of the weak base can be found, which can then find the moles of the weak base, which can then find the Kc. The first law of thermodynamics is that energy can’t be created…

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  • Formula Of Sulfate

    Since the Copper (Ⅱ) Sulfate is in powdered form, it will naturally diffuse into the air. Therefore, between the time the hydrated compound is measured and the experiment is conducted, there will be a loss of mass. One way to prevent this error is to weigh the mass in a sealed container which would prevent the mass from diffusing into the…

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  • Leukocyte Gcrete Lab Report

    To determine optimal pH value for the hydrolysis of p-NPG by leukocyte GCase, we examined effects of variable pH (4.0-5.5) at a constant substrate concentration (5mM). Figure 1 shows the pH activity curves of leukocyte GCase assayed in the presence and absence of 6 mg per ml Sodium taurocholate. In the absence of the pure sodium taurocholate, the activity in the range of pH 4.0-4.8 was considerably lower. However, in the presence of pure Sodium taurocholate, leukocyte GCase was optimally active…

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