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  • Analysis Of Alka Seltzer

    Introduction: Alka-Seltzer is a medication used to alleviate ailments such as heartburn and acid indigestion1. The ingredients that the tablet is made up of helps explain the name of the medication, the sodium bicarbonate is used to balance stomach acid, help spread the aspirin which allows the speed of absorption to increase, and reacts with citric sodium which produces carbon dioxide2. One initial observation of the Alka-Seltzer tablet and water is that when the tablet was dropped into the…

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  • Comparative Analysis Of Hormone And Hydrazone Carbamate

    The % relative standard deviation (% RSD) was found to be below 5 % for all the four analytes in system precision and below 6 % in method precision. The data as shown in Table and LOD values observed for Hydrazine carbamate and Hydrazone carbamate were 0.0018 µg per mL and 0.00092 µg per mL respectively. The LOD value observed for both 1-Hydroxy benzotriazole and 2R, 3S Chlorohydrine hydrochloride were 0.0019 µg per mL. The LOQ values observed for all four analytes were…

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  • Volumetric Analysis Lab

    The purpose and objective of this experiment was to determine the percent by mass of acetic acid within a sample of vinegar using volumetric analysis with the titration technique. The theory is that if the volume and molar concentration of the standardized sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution is known, then the percent by mass of the acetic acid (CH3COOH) in vinegar can be calculated after a titration.1 Within this experiment, a NaOH solution was standardized with a primary standard acid of…

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  • Analysis Of Tris Hcl, L-Ascorbic Acid

    TRIS Hcl, NBT, NADH, Ethanol, PMS, l-ascorbic acid 1. The superoxide radicals is generated in 3 ml of TrisHCl buffer (16 mM, pH 8.0) containing 1 ml of NBT (50 μM), 1 ml NADH (78 μM) and ethanol extract of sample (25 – 50 μg). 2. The reaction was started by adding 1 ml of PMS solution (10 μM) to the mixture. 3. The reaction mixture was incubated at 25° C for 5 min, the absorbance was read at 560 nm using a spectrophotometer (Schimadzu UV-Vis 1700) against blank samples using l- ascorbic acid…

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  • Mole Ratios Lab Report

    Do mole ratios affect the amount of reactant that is produced? This experiment tested why mixing reactants in different mole ratios affected the amount of the product and the amount of each reactant that is left over. To solve the problem, the lab contained reacting sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) and acetic acid(vinegar) in different ratios and seeing if the product changed. The data suggests that the higher ratio of baking soda to vinegar creates the most product. For the ratio…

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  • The Bronsted-Lowry Theory

    acidic or basic. Acidic, based on the Bronsted-Lowry Theory, is defined as a proton (H+) donor. An equation exemplifying an acid dissolving in water is: HCl (g) H2O H+ (aq) + Cl- (aq) A base, based on the Bronsted-Lowry Theory, is defined as a proton (H+) acceptor. An equation exemplifying a base dissolving in water: NaOH (s) H2O Na+ (aq) + OH- (aq) Molarity, also known as the concentration, is represented as moles of the measured substance divided by the volume in dm3. It is a…

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  • Amd Generation Test Paper

    ionic constituents. If the sample is shown to be acidic and has a high level of soluble ionic constituents, then that may indicate that more extensive and intensive tests should be done to confirm the results for AMD generation potential. For the acid base accounting test, the samples will be divided into categories (requires or does not require further determinative acid potential generation test work) based off the comparison of the…

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  • Analysis Of Enzyme Lab Report

    Emily Melendez January 31, 2017 BSC2010 Enzyme I: pH and Temperature Lab Report Introduction: (2008, November 11). Without Enzyme, Biological Reaction Essential To Life Takes 2.3 Billion Years. Retrieved January 31, 2017. The basic concept that is being explored are about enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that are known for being sparkplugs in a chemical reaction. Enzymes have a shape and for them to ‘spark’ they must have the proper substrate for it to work U. This does not change the enzyme’s…

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  • Neutralize Ph Lab

    Purpose: To find the pH of different household items and to see what substances are acids or bases. To see how different substances neutralize each other. Hypothesis: I hypothesize that cleaning products will be bases and foods and substances we ingest will be acids. Materials: • Oil • Finesse Shampoo • Anti Freeze • Drain Opener • Hand Soap • Vinegar • Oxy clean • Pine-Sol • Hydrogen Peroxide • Apple Juice • Ammonia Procedure: 1. All materials were gathered, and safety goggles were put on.…

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  • Differentiate Acids And Bases Lab Report

    differentiate acids and bases? How do we know if a substance is an acid or a base? There are different methods to discover whether a substance is an acid or a base. One of the methods is by using an acid-base indicator or by identifying hydrogen or hydroxide ions in a substance’s chemical formula. Certain materials such as a plastic template, red litmus paper, blue litmus paper, phenolphthalein, universal indicator, and a pH chart can be used to help us distinguish acids and bases. Before…

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