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  • Clean Flame Test Wire

    A clean flame test wire was inserted into 0.2 M NaCl and also placed on the flame reputedly. A bright yellow persistent flame was a positive test of sodium being presented, then repeat the same instructions for the unknown ion. After the flame test wire was clean 0.2M KCl was dipped into the flame resulted a lavender color after several trials as well as the unknown solution. 10 drops of 0.1M Ca(NO3)2 in a test tube and 2-3 drops of 1M Na2C2O4, a white precipitate of calcium was present. The…

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  • Essay On Role Of Women In Ww1

    On July 28th, 1914 was when the First World War happened, which occurred in central Europe. WW1 and WW2 had a huge impact on women’s life and from the start made significant changes to women’s life. Women played a huge role in changing their contribution to Canadian society. Prior to the WW1 women had very few rights and were overruled by the men of the country. Although, as the years go by things began to change slowly but surely for women, changing for the better. As the women’s husbands were…

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  • Winston Churchill: Great Men Are Never Good Man?

    “Great men are never good men.” To be great is to be considerably above average in terms of ability, quality or eminence. To the British, Sir Winston Churchill was indeed a great man and he is most well known for rallying and leading the British during the Second World War during his term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, inspiring them to strive for victory. However, not all of his actions were “ethically sound”, or morally good or correct, possessing and displaying moral virtue, as…

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  • Simcoe The Governor Summary

    In reinforcing the claim that Simcoe was indeed forward thinking, a look at his latter governing position in northern Canada provides much insight. In his journal he writes, “The Governor is very anxious to oblige and please the Indians; his only son, a child of four years old, is dressed as an indian, and called Tioga, which name has been given by the Mohawks. This harmless farce may be of use in the intercourse with the Indians.” While the Americans typically destroyed relations with the…

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  • Invention Of Airpower

    available relevant technology for commanders to use in air, space, and cyberspace. That definition is precisely emphasizing technology as main cause that gave birth of a unique military capability only airpower can provide; among others, to attack directly enemy targets from the air regardless of their location, and to observe from the air.1 Thus, if there…

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  • Operation Dynamo Research Paper

    The Evacuation from Dunkirk was the largest, and most successful military evacuation in world history. Over 330,000 soldiers were evacuated from the beaches of France after a failed attempt at defending it from the Nazi occupation. When the Germans invaded France in 1940, the British sent soldiers to help in the defence of the country. German tactics and technology allowed the Nazis to beat back the French and the British to the coast line. Not being able to counter-attack, the British…

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  • Douglas Bader's Determination Essay

    February 21st 1910, in London. Even though he was born in London he spent his early years in India. When he returned to the United Kingdom. He decided that he was going to join the Royal Air Force College at Cranwell in the future when he was eleven years old. He did the because his uncle was adjutant to the Royal Air force College. When he was around the age of eighteen he won a scholarship there, he eventually graduated in 1930. He was a very good sportsman, at Cranwell he represented: Rugby,…

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  • The Role Of The Canadian Pilots In The Battle Of Britain

    In the summer of 1940, the German Air Force, The Luftwaffe had decided to attack the Royal Air force. The Germans Luftwaffe had about 2500 air crafts where as the Royal Air Force had 1200 air crafts. The Royal Air Force did not have many pilots or experienced ground crews. The British didn’t have enough equipment, during that rough period of time Canada had provided the equipment…

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  • Operation Husky Operation Husky Case

    However, despite what some would consider major problems like mistrust between senior leaders and an inability to integrate the air component operationally, the allied command achieved pre-determined objectives. While the Axis Force was provided a small victory in their successful withdrawal of troops and equipment, it was mitigated by the Allied gains in training and battle experience. The cautious and conservative approach by…

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  • Matched Chemicals Case Study

    The Case of the Mix-Matched Chemicals Hypothesis: By measuring the pH of the unknown and known chemicals, the types of chemicals in the unknown bottles will become known. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the type of chemicals that are inside the mislabeled bottles. Materials: • pH strips • 8 bottles of known chemicals: o silver nitrate o iron (III) nitrate o copper (II) nitrate o sodium iodine o sodium hydroxide o nitric acid o lead (II) nitrate o sodium…

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