Administrative law

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  • State Credentialing Board

    The board derives its regulatory authority from the provisions of the Alabama Sunset Law of 1981 through which it is categorized as an enumerated agency based on Section 41-20-3. Moreover, the board has established administrative rules that govern its licensure or certification activities as well as a Code of Ethics based on the requirements by the American Counseling Association. Actually, the American…

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  • Case: Would It Help The ICC If A New Asian Criminal Court

    within the democratic dimension it is understood that the courts operate for the benefit of the people, therefore it is only right and better to say the courts act ‘In the name of the People’ rather than States. To elaborate more on the authors’ public law theory of adjudication, people in a citizen-based democracy simply means the citizens of the State. But what does it really mean when we say citizens because if we say that the courts act on behalf of the people as citizens of the world it…

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  • 20th Centur Regulation Analysis

    Regulation needs to occur in regards to innovative technology but also trade technology specifically. Trade has moved on with the advancement of technology to make trade easier. To stay in the past with our current policies would be nonsensical. If companies and their methods are advancing, the rules of the game must also advance with them. The policies and regulations from the CFTC “…have stayed pretty much the same. Most of the CFTC’s rules were written for 20th century analog markets”…

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  • Workplace Wellness Plan

    familiar with the rules and all of these acronyms that are very important as follows: ADA (American Disabilities Act), EEOC (Equal Employee Opportunity Commission), Affordable Care Act, and HIPPA. It is critical that employers abide by the federal laws and state laws. If employers do not comply, their wellness plans will be sickly. In addition, certain rules apply to employees that are disabled. The rule is administrated by The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC defines a…

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  • Corruption Regulation

    to bribe an MP, but there are no regulations that prohibit the receipt of gifts.” Although Danish Members of Parliament are not restricted from using their position of power for their own personal gains, and bribery is not actually regulated by any law, the strict normative practices respected and perfected over decades of Danish politics are enough to stop any Members of Parliament from committing any of these crimes. Government officials are quick to support these norms as well. Minister of…

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  • Essay On Federal Agencies

    implementing the purpose as laid out in the statues. The laws surrounding federal agencies are administrative laws. A statutory law is a law that is written, usually enacted by a legislative body. In addition, a common law, or case law, allows judges to render decisions based on the ruling of earlier cases. Common law is guided by the regulations set forth in federal of state statutes, but it does not rely exclusively on those written laws. It was derived from custom and judicial precedent…

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  • Parker V Charlotte City Council Case Study

    Lord Diplock defined the ground illegality as the requirement for decision makers to understand the law that regulates their decision-making power and give its effect . Nevertheless, a decision can be held as illegal for different reasons. In the case Wheeler v Leicester City Council , the city council used their statutory powers to punish the rugby club for refusing to follow the council’s own views on the South African rugby boycott . In favour of the Club, House of Lords upheld that the…

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  • Sandi Flipton Case Summary

    Merits review considers the facts and law as they are at the time of review. Another advantage of merits review is that the Court is not bound by strict rules of evidence, and proceedings are often faster, cheaper, and easier for those that self-represent. The CAA is Commonwealth legislation, so merits review is conducted at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Merits review allows for a decision to be determined on its merits of fact and law. Merits review can vary, affirm, or set aside…

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  • The Three Branchs Of The United States Federal Government

    Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of representatives, the responsibility of the legislative branch is to make laws. The executive branch that consists of The President, The Vice-President and The Cabinet are all responsibility for carrying out and making sure laws are being followed. Lastly there is the judicial branch, which has to job of interrupting and applying the laws. 1B. The United States federal government consists…

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  • Constitutional Dispensation Error

    approach to judicial review on the ground of errors of law from the common law approach? If so why and in what way? If not, why? The new constitutional dispensation warrants a shift in the approach to judicial review on the ground of errors of law from the common law approach. This essay will argue that the shift has already occurred, but it is not a case of leaving the old ways of doing things in the past. By exploring the evolution of the common law approach and the concept of deference,…

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