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  • Arguments Against Refugees

    society and especially in the 21st century, other individuals running to safer countries from famine, epidemics, economic pressures among other strong reasons, have largely been accepted as refugees. This paper will argue, by use of the international laws, why host countries should protect and observe the rights of all the refugees…

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  • The Roles And Differences Between IHL And IHAR

    budgetary, legislative, judicial and administrative measures to make sure that human rights are guaranteed in the society. Economic, cultural and social rights convention demands states to assist in order to achieve the rights given in the convention . 4.2 Responsible Actors…

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  • The Effectiveness Of Consumer Law

    non-legal actions are effective in administering justice for consumers. Consumer law has continually evolved in order to maintain its ability to protect consumers within the ever-changing modern marketplace - progressing from the common law notion of caveat emptor to an intensive legal framework recognising the fundamental need for consumer protections. While much of this contemporary framework - comprised of statutory bodies, law courts and tribunals, and working in conjunction with a myriad of…

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  • Oj Simpson Contribution To Society

    transfer this inquisitiveness into studying Law. The inspiration to read law came from having the privilege to speak to a ‘Family and Relationship’ solicitor and the fulfilment I would acquire when assisting people with personal issues. My zeal for criminal law stemmed from my study of Psychology, which enabled me to understand abnormalities in behaviour…

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  • Rule Of Law

    The rule of law is an idealistic concept of characteristics in a legal process, which ought to exist in a good constitutional system. There is controversy over the rule of law because there is no definite meaning of it. For example, there is one view that it should prescribe a form of law and the procedure that should be used to form it. This is supported by Lord Bingham’s sub-rule, “questions of legal right and liability should ordinarily be resolved by application of the law and not be the…

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  • Human Rights Tribunal Analysis

    HUMAN RIGHTS TRIBUNAL TRIBUNAL ASSIGNMENT LAWS 228 Section 002 Kuangli Zou 300783156 The tribunal I visited is Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which is located at 655 Bay Street, 14th Floor. It is one of the seven tribunals, which form the Social Justice Tribunals Ontario (SJTO, 2015); and the other six tribunals are Child and Family Services Review Board, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Landlord and Tenant Board, etc. The case I heard is about sexual…

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  • Letters To A Law Student Summary

    to a Law Student” (Letter 1, ‘What is Law’): Summary “Letters to a Law Student” by Nicholas J McBride is a series of 20 letters from a law teacher (McBride) to his student (Alex), who is confused about his decision to pursue his decision to study law at a university. In his first letter out of 20, “What is Law”, McBride describes Alex what the law is and tells Alex that although legal education is quite interesting, pedagogic and important, would not be enough reasons for him to pursue law at a…

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  • Process Essay: Procedural Improprieties

    decision. Procedural Impropriety: Every case comes with fair hearing rights. The nature of this decision is a typical permitting process. The Minister makes the decision, and it is not a high policy decision. In Daganayasi it is stated that administrative decisions omit certain rights due to efficiency. It should be noted that Andrea and Billie have saved up and mortgaged their house to secure a loan in order to produce the preserves. The statutory scheme makes no mention of what natural…

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  • Starbucks Workers Union Case

    Starbucks Workers Union (Morran, 2012). The NLRB ruled that the company had no, “Compelling business reason to restrict employees to one prounion pin” (Wiley Periodicals, 2010, pp. 4). This meant that employees were ruled by the NLRB and the administrative law judge (ALJ) that employees had no limit to the number of pro-union pins they could wear while in a Starbucks uniform. The judge stated, “The company failed to prove there were special circumstances showing…

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  • Similarities Between Paralegals And Legal Assistants

    paralegals. Paralegals perform a variety of administrative tasks in support of attorneys: legal research pertaining to the relevant laws and regulations, managing files, writing reports, and drafting legal documents. They also aid the attorneys in preparing cases by handling exhibits and appeals, recording witness interviews, and reviewing trial transcripts. These job skills enable civilian paralegals and legal assistants to work in other settings besides law practices such as financial…

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