Absorption refrigerator

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: Tara Restaurant Business

    Many commercial eating place dishwashers mechanically dispense dish-washing liquid, or chemicals, and hold water at a set temperature. A hand-washing station is typically required to save you the spread of food-born infection and micro organism Ice Machines and refrigerators Refrigerators are a should for any restaurant. Many meals objects should be stored at a minimum temperature, as required with the aid of food protection codes. Eating place fridges are available in many sizes, from full stroll-ins, to reach-ins with refrigerated drawers. Prep Tables Stainless-steel prep tables are famous kitchen device, as prepping meals, especially meat and fowl, on unique styles of surfaces is unsanitary. Chrome steel prep tables may be unfastened-standing or connected to other device, counting on the configuration of the kitchen. Freezers and Grills Freezers are crucial for meals garage, as meals can not constantly be used without delay. Restaurant freezers are available in exceptional shapes and sizes:…

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  • Smeg Case Study

    retro-style refrigerator. Smeg is a global player in the kitchen appliance industry and its design savy aesthetics exudes Scandinavian appeal. Smeg’s Fab range of refrigerators breaks away from the traditional mould of kitchen appliance design, allowing consumers with an appreciation for hedonic products to add chic appeal to their kitchens (Hoyer and Stokburger-Sauer, 2012, p. 167). Because of this, Smeg must understand the thought process a buyer will undertake when choosing a Fab fridge…

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  • Personal Narrative: Changing My Study Habits

    how my instructor teach and what they expect within a couple of weeks in the class. I find it hard to understand some math instructors since I like for them to go step-by step with problems and most instructors don’t do that. My current math teacher has taught me that I need to spend extra time with the subject so that way I can find an easier way to understand and complete the problems. The trial and error of pursuing my passion has helped me determine what I need to work on to improve my…

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  • Specific Heat Lab

    Abstract: The purpose of this lab was to show the different absorption and emission rates of three different substances. Radiation laws, albedo, and specific heat are all reasons why this is achievable. An agreed upon hypothesis is that the sand will absorb the most heat due to the number of molecules, the moss will absorb the second most because it doesn't have as many molecules as sand, but it has more than water, which isn’t as complex. To complete this experiment, you need three beakers of…

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  • Spinacia Oleracea Synthesis Lab Report

    by the chlorophyll molecules (Merzlyak, Chivkunova, Zhigalova, & Naqvi 2009). These chlorophyll molecules then transfer the light energy to chloroplasts and that light energy is converted into chemical energy (Merzlyak, Chivkunova, Zhigalova, & Naqvi 2009). The purpose of this experiment was to observe what the absorbance spectrum of Spinacia oleracea extract was and what the absorbance spectrum of the pigments were within the extract. From the use of the spectrophotometer I was able record…

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  • Food Dye Lab Report

    The purpose of the Determining Food Dye Content Lab was to identify the food dye coloring in green apple Gatorade, and determine the dye’s concentration to ultimately recreate a solution containing the same concentration of dyes as the original. To determine the concentration of the dyes present in the green apple Gatorade, a spectrometer was used to measure the wavelengths and absorbance values for the given dyes. A sample of the green apple Gatorade was tested in the spectrometer to measure…

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  • Physics Of Q-Dots Lab Report

    The optical bandgap (EQD) can be assessed using Tauc Relation equation (2). (αhυ)2 = f(R) hυ = B (hυ - EQD )n (2) where B is proportional constant (often negligible), hv is photon energy, EQD is bandgap energy, n based on the transition type (n = 1/2 for direct allowed transitions), and α is absorption coefficient. Kubelka-Munk Equation (3): approximation of α .5 …

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  • Friction Characteristics Of NCD Vs Alumina Balls Analysis

    3.4. Friction Characteristics of the NCD, MCD and boron doped NCD Coatings against Alumina Balls The friction coefficient curves of NCD, MCD and boron-doped diamond films sliding with Al2O3 balls are shown in figure 4, figure 5 and figure 6, respectively, for a sliding speed of 8 m/s and a load of 1N, 5N and 10N, respectively. Figure 4 (a), figure 5 (a) and figure 6 (a) show the friction coefficient of NCD, MCD and BDNCD at 1 N, respectively. Figure 4 (b), figure 5 (b) and figure 6 (b) show…

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  • Clock Reaction Lab Report

    the same volume is poured into four 250 ml beakers labelled pH 4.5, pH 5 and pH 5.5 as shown in figure 6. The pH of the four different solutions is adjusted to match the pH labelled on the glass. Clear hydrogen peroxide is added in a 9:1 volume ratio. On commencement of the reaction, pH measurements were taken every second until completion. This procedure is then repeated at lower molar concentration. The temperature of the reacting mixture varied between 19oC and 20oC. Figure 10: pH…

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  • Evaporation Lab Report

    COPref is the ratio of cooling provided to the work required. This means that for the same amount of work, a VC refrigerator can provide more cooling than a VA refrigerator. This high COP is the reason VA refrigerator has gained widespread usage. However, it is not fair to compare the two systems based purely on the magnitude of its COP as the work required in a VA refrigerator is produced by heat, it is much cheaper than the work required in VC refrigerator which require electrical or…

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