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  • Domenico Scarlatti Rhetorical Devices

    on October 26, 1685. A brilliant musician at an early age, Scarlatti followed in the compositional footsteps of his father, Alessandro Scarlatti. In 1708, Scarlatti moved to Rome to become maestro di cappella to the exiled queen of Poland, Maria Casimira. He later became head of the Cappella Giulia, the choir of St. Peter’s Basilica that sings for all solemn functions of the Vatican. While in Rome, Scarlatti composed many of his operas and serenatas. During his tenure in Rome, Scarlatti…

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  • Application Essay: A Career As A Musical Theatre Student

    Thank you for your consideration in reference to the above position. I had the privilege of visiting American University last year. My visit was a wonderful experience and I am convinced I could contribute greatly to the education of the musical theatre students. For ten years I have coached musical theatre students in the university environment. My expertise is in vocal training in multiple musical theatre styles, including, legit, pop, jazz, musical theatre traditional and contemporary/pop.…

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  • Orlando Orchestra Analysis

    Orlando Consort The Orlando Consort, a singing group that performs repertoire from the years of 1050 to 1550, has given a concert on January 13 at the Vanderhoef Studio Theatre, Mondavi Center. It was really a great honor to have watched the amazing and spectacular performance. This group consists of five singers, who are Matthew Venner (countertenor), Mark Dobell (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone) and Robert Macdonald (bass). They were invited as one of the performers in the…

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  • What Is The Role Of Music In American Culture

    freedom songs invented in choir as an art of bringing people together and prevalent genre that put together southern African signing traditions with Christian hymns. Majority of the song found in this film o have simple tunes and are usually sung a cappella. More importantly, they are composed and sung in groups, and often reflect changing political circumstances and…

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  • Characteristics Between Medieval And Renaissance Music And The Renaissance Period

    As one takes a look back into the musical history of the world, they can see that today's musical society would not be anything like it is today without its past. From the medieval time period, we have received musical elements such as word painting and melismas. This was the start of melodic growth for the world. From the Renaissance time period, we have received musical elements such as harmony, improvisation, and Humanim. Without the characteristics of the Medieval time period, the…

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  • Similarities Between The Renaissance And The Middle Ages

    composition has a single melodic line throughout. This song also has a strong and quick beat to it because it is a medieval dance piece. The piece from the Renaissance, Pope Marcellus Mass: Kyrie, has a polyphonic texture. This piece is for an a cappella choir consisting of soprano, alto, two tenors, and two bases. The voices all flow together at the end of each section and has a very full sound. These two pieces are very different from each other and can show the differences in music between…

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  • This Jungle Book Mashup Will Blow You Away

    This Jungle Book Mashup Will Blow You Away The Jungle Book is an extremely popular creation. Whether you are talking about the classic book, the brand new movie or the cartoon version, its popularity is one of the largest in the world. One of the best parts about The Jungle Book cartoon movie is the fantastic music that was created. But, as fantastic the music is, The Piano Guys have made it even better. In this mashup, you get to hear them play the fabulous music from the movies in a way you…

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  • We Wish You A Christmas Play Analysis

    snow to sing chilling traditional Christmas songs at the beginning of both acts. Much time is spent in Fezziwig’s party, fast-paced dance music providing a contrast to the slow deterioration of Scrooge’s love life. The play concludes with an a cappella solo of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” by Tiny Tim, joined by the remainder of the cast for a hearty conclusion. Such music added Christmassy feel to the play, not underemphasized but most welcome. A Christmas Carol suffers in some areas from…

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody Analysis

    Rhapsody Final The original song I had wanted to write about was Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses. After further analyses of this piece of music, I realized it would not have enough contrast for me to write multiple pages. After much thought and consideration, the new piece I chose to write about is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody has plenty of dramatic contrasts, frequent shifts in tempo, and changes in rhythmic character from section to section. The piece was written by…

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  • Stu Larsen's Performance Analysis

    Half way through the set he stopped and asked that everyone put their phones away. He put down his guitar, stepped away from the microphone, and began singing “The Parting Glass.” The mood in the room changed, everyone stilled and listened to the a cappella rendering of the Irish folk song fill the room without the help of a microphone. he finished and said “Cool,” giving the audience permission to applaud. The show went on as it had before,the audience as much a part of the performance as…

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