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Explore Sistine Chapel
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The Sistine Chapel is a famous place of the Apostolic Palace, where the Pope resides in Vatican City. The place is well known for its great history. Initially, this place was known as the Cappella Magna, now known as Chapel. Mainly, the site of the chapel is popular for its frescos that decorate the interior of this place.
What is the most special?
Most of the visitors and tourists get fascinated by the Michelangelo’s Chapel two things, one is its high ceiling and the second one is the last judgment. It includes lots of beautiful paintings which attracts a lot. It was executed by a talented team of painters named as Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio, Domenico Ghirlandaio and Cosimo Roselli. On the ceiling Pier, Matteo d’Amelia painted a starry sky. This mind-blowing work took almost a year as the work on the frescos started in 1481 and finished in 1482. Michelangelo replaced the blue ceiling with stars in 1508, under the Pope Julius 2nd.
Significance of Paintings
The paintings of frescos consist some subjects and these are divided into three sections. In first three paintings,
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There was a particular process like emitting of white and black smoke for indicating the result of the elections. If we talk about architecture, it is a high rectangular building. The exterior is common as other Italian churches, but the interior makes the Sistine Chapel very unique. Not only have the ceiling, side walls showed some great art. Walls are divided into tiers and the central tier has the paintings of The life of Moses and The life of Christ. Originally, these paintings were made at all the tiers, but then it was replaced at both end

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