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  • 1614 Italian Trumpet

    One of the most important factors in the development of the trumpet was its acceptance as a key contributor to art music. This realization became fully accepted in the 17th century during the Baroque period. Prior to this time the trumpet was seen primarily as an instrument delegated to military functions and processional fanfares. Due to its construction the common practice of playing trumpet was limited to just notes within the harmonic series of the trumpet. This limitation hindered many…

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  • Personal Narrative Research Paper

    PERSONAL NARRATIVE: I feel the lights hit my face as I nervously make my way to the Steinway at the center of the stage. Sitting down, I adjust the bench and start to warm up. The judge sits adjacent to me, staring over her paper. She says, “whenever you’re ready,” and I start with the first few notes of the Chopin prelude I’ve been working on for an entire year now. Feeling the music progress exactly as I’ve practiced it for months now, I finish and bow. I hear the applause in the background,…

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  • Antonio Vivaldi's Violin Concertos

    Antonio Vivaldi, is my composer he was born in the year 1678 in Venice, Italy. He was recognized as one of the greatest bourke time perdid authors. He was a violinist, teacher, and cleric in his lifetime. He was influenced by the widespread across europe. He composed many instrumental concertos, for the violin and a variety of other instruments, as well as sacred choral works and more than forty operas. His most popularest piece is a work is a series of violin concertos known as The Four…

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  • Sistine Chapel Research Paper

    Some important information and the history of Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is a famous place of the Apostolic Palace, where the Pope resides in Vatican City. The place is well known for its great history. Initially, this place was known as the Cappella Magna, now known as Chapel. Mainly, the site of the chapel is popular for its frescos that decorate the interior of this place. What is the most special? Most of the visitors and tourists get fascinated by the Michelangelo’s Chapel two…

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  • Music And The Effect Of The Baroque Era Of Music

    from the Renaissance into the Baroque, therefore allowing some flexibility in the range of years to classify each era. The Renaissance era of music had many of the same features of the Medieval era. One of the main similarities was the use of a cappella music. Again, music of this period had primarily no instrumental accompaniment. However, organs by this point had stops. These stops allowed for the player to be able to control which pipes were receiving air, allowing for control of tone…

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  • Political Apathy Analysis

    Having established the reasoning behind this continuing shift towards satirical, simplified, and often trivialised political coverage, and analysing its benefits and detriments, it is crucial to now examine the tangible impacts this has on the behaviours, beliefs, and attitudes of the voting public. In an analysis of the media’s contribution to political apathy, Washbourne (2010, p.11) identifies three key indicators: disproportionate coverage of “cynical or self-interested” topics, rather than…

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  • Religious Music Vs Secular Music Essay

    Most religious music was a cappella, and as small organs became more widely used, it eventually developed into the very large and popular Baroque pipe organs. Religious music progressed greatly and was reformed after the Middle Ages because the church employed most of its great composers…

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  • Oh Brother Where Art Thou Analysis

    of this class, this movie possessed a large amount of diegetic music. The type of music seemed to fit the movie well because of the comedic tone throughout. The first song heard in the movie is sung by the prisoners as they hammer. The song is a cappella in a way since there are no instruments used; however, the hammers keep the beat as the men sing. The next song is upbeat and encompasses a catchy tune for the audience. Even if they do not know the words, it is a song that the audience can tap…

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  • Plagiarism And Fallacies: The Art Form Of Mash-Up

    DJ Danger mouse sampled a cappella versions of rapper Jay-Z’s Black Album mixed with instrumental samples off of the Beatles The White Album. Two problems arose from this album. The first was that the record label EMI retained the Beatle’s music, and the second was that the cost…

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  • Middle Childhood: A Case Study

    to trust theirs friends that they wouldn’t judge them if they did something wrong or that they will always be for them when needed. Sex similarity plays a key role in peers’ implications about their classmates’ relationships. J. Neal, Z. Neal, and Cappella (2014) suggested that peers rely heavily on sex as an indicator of how they choose their friends. Boys gravitate towards other boys to form a friend group and girls gravitate towards girls to form a friend group. During middle childhood girls…

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