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    procedure”. It is the same statement or specification of procedures for collection and analysing the information required for the solution of same specific problems. It provides a scientific framework for conducting some research investigation. 3.3 DISCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DISIGN Descriptive research contrast to explorative is marked by prior formulation of specific research question. The investigators already knows a substantial amount of the research problem perhaps as a result of an exploratory

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  • All Quiet on the Western Front Essays: The Loud Message

    important in describing his hatred. His style is actually a mix of many different styles. He uses a lot of figurative language and many sodier jargon words, which help the reader to understand the soldiers life better. Remarque is a very discriptive and poetic writer.          "The flesh melts, the forehead bulges more prominently, the cheekbones protrude  (p.31). Remarque uses a lot of this kind of descriptions which produces a lot more impact

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