My Dream To Be A World Traveler

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Do you love traveling? Do you ever want to travel somewhere and forget about your troubles? A place where nobody knows your name. A destination where you can sit back and relax. Just imagine it.. you visiting the Tower of London one day. Then the next you are soaking your feet in coral gardens at Bora Bora. After that, you are sightseeing at Casa Batllo in Barcelona. I always imagine myself in different places and experiencing the many different cultures and architectures worlds have to offer. In this paper, you will see my plans to achieve the dream of becoming a world traveler by the age of 25. The first goal I need to achieve is deciding where I want to go, set a time frame and estimate how much everything will cost. There are around one hundred ninety-six countries in the world and I only have seven years to accomplish this dream, to do this I need to narrow down my list and set out time on how long would I like to visit at a certain destination. Finally set out an estimation on how much I will need. It is always good …show more content…
My ideal time frame is 2037 .To achieve this I can write down what I need and multiply by how many days I will traveling. For example, if I would like to see France, I can look up the average daily travel cost and multiply the days I will visit. I would like to have all this calculated three years before I travel This can be achievable because given with my research I already provided, writing down the expenses on paper can create a goal what I need work for and give me some motivation. For a personal perspective, I have been known to plan out my entire life. So I feel like planning and how what I need for my trip will be a breeze. This is really positive for it shows the stepping stone on what I need. It is helpful to see what is actual goes into when doing something so extravagant. By calculating all my expenses will only give me the step close to my

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