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  • Ballet: The Risks And Effects Of Ballet

    The Risks and Effects of Ballet Ballet is an artistic dance which involves elegant movements, precise steps, and fancy gestures. With the use of pointe shoes, leotards, and determination, ballet dancers perform exquisite performances. However, before all the performances go on, difficult practices push these dancers to achieve very high standards. Ballet dancers practice until they believe they have reached perfection. Many times, this willpower causes dancers to go through terrible injuries and pain. Ballet dancers expect perfection and push through these injuries. This then leads to long term injuries and negative psychological effects. Although there are some benefits to practicing ballet, the risks outweigh the benefits because…

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  • Ballet Evolution

    The word “Ballet” itself is French in origin, ballet is a classical dance form with flowing patterns to create expression through movement. It’s a form of art just like how artists express themselves through paintings, ballet dancers show passion through dancing. Over the years ballet has changed in every way. In the early 1400’s an Italian man named Domenico described theatrical dances called Balletto. Luxurious pageants of music and dance would be done, women and men both would attend these…

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  • Importance Of Ballet

    Knowing that I had never been formally taught ballet until college, I was not surprised when I was not advanced to the next level. I was prepared to stay in Ballet I for another semester as I was not comfortable with my ability to execute the correct turn out. I had to tailor my turn out to this technique, being I was always taught to turn out from the knees instead of my rotators. My strong points as a dancer are pirouettes and learning how to turn from the needed ballet turnout was quite…

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  • Ballet Reflection

    semester of ballet class, I am able to say that I acquired the most basic knowledge of the field. Although my performance was not always the best, I managed to learn the sequences and movements. By watching the videotaped performance, I was able to identify the aspects of ballet technique that were taught along the semester and that I performed correctly, as well as the aspects that need further correction and improvement. Also, as compared to the midterm self-evaluation, it is possible for me…

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  • The Victorian State Ballet And Queensland Ballet (QB)

    For this assignment, I have chosen two Australian ballet companies: the Victorian State Ballet (VSB) and the Queensland ballet (QB). I will discuss their specialization, history, location, purpose and next productions. After that, I am going to evaluate their websites. The main reason why I have chosen these two companies is that they are two vibrant ballet groups from the New South Wales’s adjacent states (Victoria and Queensland) and I wanted to learn more information concerning them. Both…

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  • Ballet Analysis

    Cunningham’s choreography from the 1950s exemplified the way in which he studied ballet to form a modern technique. Septet, choreographed in 1953, featured six dancers in traditional ballet practice clothes, though instead of ballet shoes they were barefoot. In the film of a 1964 performance in Helsinki, Finland, the balletic influences are clearly visible from the beginning of the work. In the first of the seven sections, the lights rise on three statuesque dancers in a diagonal line across the…

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  • My Experience At The Ballet

    I attended the ballet Today 's Masters on April 25 at the Orpheum Theatre. This was the first ballet that I had attended as well as my son’s first. I have always been fascinated by the ballet and the talent of the ballerinas. The dancers always show such finesse and tranquil composure during their performances that I wanted to experience that first hand in a live show. I choose to go watch Today’s Masters as it was said to cover a whole spectrum of ballet from classical to contemporary. The…

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  • Blanchine Ballet Performance

    When comparing different ballet performances, you look at more than just the way the performers dance. You look at the location, use of the stage, force and speed behind each movement, costumes, and the props used. The performance that seemed very different from Firebird in almost all aspects was the first performance of the night, La Source. The ballets of La Source, Komoreibu, and Firebird were performed at the Koger Center on November 10 and 11, 2016. La Source is choreographed by George…

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  • Ballet Blanc Analysis

    Ballet blanc translated literally means white ballet. This is a type of romantic ballet style that launched in the 19th century. The term means a scene, in which the ballerina and the female corps de ballet all wear white dresses. During ballet blanc everything on stage is soft, the atmosphere, the dancer’s costumes, lights, and the music. Two notorious examples of ballet blanc are Act II of La Sylphide and Giselle. In the ballet blanc Giselle, there were 25 ballerinas performing. The music is…

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  • Ballet Boys Reflection

    variety of thoughts that are intertwined, causing conflict and longing for peace within. Ballet Boys is an English company consisting of only men. Going into the show I expected to see a performance that was more dominant than a classical ballet performance because there were no women dancers. I was wrong to make such an assumption. The male dancers were just as elegant as any female dancer. The performance was memorable because the male dancers added a new twist to ballet that I had never…

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