Bernadine Healy Essay

  • Bernadine Pally's Argument Of Legalize Marijuana

    Bernadine Healy’s argument in the essay Legalize Marijuana? Obama Has the Right to Say No is based on the government having the right to regulate usage of marijuana. Healy claims individuals want marijuana legalized because they see marijuana as a recreational purpose which blinds them from seeing that they are deviating from social situations. Healy’s criticism of individuals who are for the legalization of marijuana only see a reason for legalization because of recreational use. In fact there are many reasons why legalizing marijuana, especially for recreational use, would benefit our country. According to Geoff Pallay, Editor as well as Chief on Ballotpedia who is sponsored by the Lucy Barns Institute, in addition to, being recognized…

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  • Being A Pre Medical Student

    student must be more than just a typical student so shouldn’t they be educated as such? I am not saying that pre-medicine is the most difficult major (however, I believe it is) because I cannot prove that, nor have I experienced the rigor of other tough majors. What I am saying is that pre-medical students are unconventional students that undergo a different experience than most other college students, and they should be treated as such. This is especially the case in states like South Dakota…

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