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  • The Importance Of Baseball In Baseball

    Ted Williams went into the war on pace to break Babe Ruth 's home run record, the most sought out record in baseball. But because he missed 5 years due to his service he was unable to concur this feat. Bob Feller would have easily eclipsed the 300 win mark, but he was unable to win enough games. Although statistics may have seemed irrelevant at the time, statistics in baseball mean a lot. They are how you put your name in the history books. Some players did not serve in the military, some made other efforts proving to be more important than actual service; they helped with war funding, propaganda, and morale boosting. Players would dedicate their time to try to help out the war cause in any way possible. The most effective area that the players made a huge difference on was morale boosting. They thrived in this area because they were looked up to like celebrities, people would see them helping so they would want to help. It was very common and is still common today. Propaganda was a big part of funding the war effort because it got…

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  • The Rules Of Baseball In Major League Baseball

    MLB (Major League Baseball) is known as America’s Sport. Sunflower seeds and baseball chants on a Saturday night, can make anyone days better. The history of how the game of baseball started is very interesting, but most people don’t know how. Yet it’s almost the average sport an American kid wants to play these days. Since baseball has now had a huge impact on America and its recreation activities, you should know how the game came about the American life. It all started in the year 1845 when…

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  • Baseball Differences: Basketball Vs. Baseball

    Basketball vs Baseball Sports have become America’s past time that is enjoyed by millions of people either watching a professional sport on television or recreation playing. These two sports I have followed from the time my children started playing at the ages of seven. Basketball and baseball though they have numerous similarities, they also contrast. Baseball Differences Baseball is a sport that can be played outside only on a field, which is shaped comparable to a diamond. Weather can be a…

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  • The Benefits Of Baseball

    Baseball is considered America’s pastime. Children grow up admiring their favorite athletes, imitating their batting stances, and recreating their catches. It is also one of the most lucrative professional sports leagues in the world. The MLB pulled in a record 9.5 billion dollars in 2015. Many people do not actually know how difficult it is to make it to the major league level. Players who actually reach the highest level are rewarded heavily monetarily. Most players that play in the minors…

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  • Importance Of Baseball

    Having played baseball most of my life taught me dedication, teamwork, and humility; from the game, I acquired a strong work ethic and forged a drive to be successful in all I do. At age fifteen, my baseball career was in jeopardy as I learned I had spondylolysis. This required spending several months in a brace restricted from activity, only to learn that my vertebra required surgery. Being physically impaired proved emotionally challenging. I persevered thanks to several conversations with my…

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  • The Evolution Of Baseball

    With upwards of ten million people participating in the sport of baseball in the United States alone, it is quite apparent that baseball is one of the world’s most popular sports. Throughout the years, the sport of baseball has evolved from a humble game played on empty sandlots to “America’s national pastime.” The game has come a long way, but how did this game come to be? Everything has its humble beginnings, and baseball is no different. Games that resemble baseball have been around for…

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  • Baseball Stereotypes

    In the baseball stories and poems, you do not get to read about a strong woman who is the main character very often. Women in stories portray as the wife of the main characters that are male. Their role can range from being a handy homemaker to the main character’s motivation to win a game or so. There is no representation for women in baseball literature in the early 1900s. The late 1800s to early 1900s was a time when women were placed into roles that are difficult to break out of. Even modern…

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  • Differences Of High School Baseball And Major League Baseball

    High School Baseball and Major League Baseball I love baseball, my experience with baseball has been around all of my life. I have grown up understanding the basic fundamentals and rules. I am going to inform you on how High School Baseball, and Major League Baseball are different. There are an extended amount of differences in Major League Baseball to High School Baseball. More people understand Major League Baseball more than High School Baseball. In Major League Baseball each game last…

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  • Baseball: Baseball Is The Most Amazing Sport In The World

    I-Search Paper By Evan Steiner April 14, 2015 STEROIDS Baseball is the most amazing sport in the world, in my opinion at least. I’ve played the sport for as long as I can remember and I have always admired what the pros are capable of doing. When I was little I remember watching TV with my friend Garrett and seeing players like Alex Rodriguez hit home run after home run. Garrett’s dad used to say that Alex Rodriguez was cheating, but I didn’t exactly know what he meant when he said that. He…

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  • Baseball In The Civil War

    How The Civil War helped formed Baseball into the great game that it is today. In this paper I will start with telling you how baseball began and where it originated from. Then I will tell you about the original rules , equipment, and uniforms. Then I will finish up by saying how the game has changed from then and now. Nobody is really sure how baseball got started many say it has roots to the English game called Rounders. The one big difference between baseball and rounder is that in rounders…

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