Increasing Skills In Baseball

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Baseball Skills
Each year, there are 1000’s of kids that want to play a high level of baseball that get cut or do not make the team. This statistics shows, that most kids do not make their school team or the team that they try out for, so an individual needs to improve their skills. In order for an individual to get better at baseball, they need to improve their batting and baserunning skills, practice perfecting their pitching and fielding skills, and learn how to work to improve other areas of their lives, so that players can play in a higher level of baseball.
Batting and baserunning skills are very important skills of baseball. These are quick and easy ways of improving those skills. Having agility for running from base to base is a skill
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These skills help you later in life and in baseball. “Be organized and have a plan. Players don’t get good by accident; success is the product of hard work, organization, and creating a plan for success.” (Build Your Skills). In life, making a plan for everything is helpful. It keeps you on track and responsible and it does the same thing in baseball. If you plan your skills in baseball, you will get better by working on those skills. Always working hard and having good working habits is good for baseball and in life because if you always work hard and do your best, then you will get rewards later (Build Your Skills). In life, always work hard because you will get paid in return of your hard work. In baseball, always work hard because you could get paid a win or even a championship if you work hard enough. “Set goals for yourself. Be realistic and follow SMART criteria. This means your goals should be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Don’t set a goal to “get faster.” Set a goal like this: In 8 weeks, I’ll improve my speed to first by 0.3 seconds” (Build Your Skills). 1 goal is always better than achieving 0 goals, so set a goal, and go achieve it! In baseball, setting reasonable goals is good because you could set a goal like win 15/20 games and then set higher goals after you have achieved your original one (Ex. win the championship). In life, setting reasonable goals can take you a far way because you could set one like “make all A’s” and that leads to good college and that leads to good job. If you don’t have a goal in life or baseball, then what’s the point? Set your goals now. To improve life skills that relate to baseball skills, an individual needs to make a plan for building their skills, always work hard and do your best, and always set reasonable goals so you can achieve something that is important. Go set a

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