Pesis: Finnish Baseball

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What is it?
Pesäpallo or simply known as Pesis is Finnish baseball and is often referred to as the national game of Finland. It is quite similar to American baseball, although there are still major differences the main ones being: it is a lot faster paced and involves more strategic moves. As the Wall Street Journal put it, it is ‘baseball without wasted time.’
Pesäpallo was based on old Finnish ball and bat games and American baseball. This is because the creator of pesäpallo, Olympic track and field star Lauri Pihkala was in America when over in Finland these traditional sports were dying out. He attended an American baseball was and thought it was a great game, it just moved to slow. So he began to create his own game, half tradition
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Once a batter uses as many of their pitches as needed and reach first base, they are called runners. If the batters receive a bad pitch (ball does not land on the plate or is to low) and the field is empty, they can walk to the first base. If there is runners on the field the runner in front can walk to the next closest base.
A foul hit occurs when the ball is hit outside of the boundaries and any runners cannot move forward on a fowl hit. If the ball is caught in mid-air the runners how tried to move forward are not out, just removed from the field. Like in baseball if the runner does not reach the base before the ball they are out. The batter is out if the third strike is fowl.
Runs are scored when a runner reaches home base safely. A home run is scored if the batter reaches the third base by his own strike, the batter then becomes a runner and can score a run by getting back to home base.
• A team must have seven players or they forfeit
• Player batting order is final and must be given to the umpire but the defensive team can change positions at any
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Field layout
The field has up to thirteen players on the field (nine defence, four offence). Each defensive player has a specific position and role. Exact placement varies on strategies normal determined by the front runner.
The pitcher stands on one side of the plate and throws the ball up for the batter. The first, second and third baseman stand on the bases and tries to catch the ball as it is thrown to them to get the runners out. A catcher placed between the first and second base to catch any trikes in the infield or to pass the ball to the baseman at first. The second and third base also have two players called the left and right shortstop to pass the ball to second and third. Lastly two players cover the outfield.
Field layout 2
Unlike baseball, the field is a triangle with a rectangle on the back as the outfield. There is a diagonal run to first base, diagonal run to the second base, horizontal run to third base and a run, down then diagonally back to the home base. These are called the parting path, cross path and the home path. The field size varies between 95-120m as it is not an exact shape. It is also important to note that the women’s field is 10 percent

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