Beatitudes Essay

  • Analysis Of The Beatitudes

    However, it appears that many people today are failing to live a purpose driven life. Sadly, they’re not living their life with God in mind at all, possibly because they don’t know how, because they don’t believe in God or because they feel they have plenty of time for salvation. Thankfully, for those who have the desire to live a life that is pleasing to God, there are numerous instructions provided throughout the bible of how to live a life that is according to God’s will and his way. The Beatitudes were a God given law that instructed the people on how to conduct themselves while here on earth. According to…

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  • The Importance Of The Beatitudes

    Before this line, Hughes mentioned how the Beatitudes are important to Jesus and his followers. Hughes stressed the importance of this because the Beatitudes are reputable to devoted Christian worshippers. These teachings of Jesus are notable because they were directed towards the enslaved Israelites. However, a majority of Christians believe that the Beatitudes generally apply to everyone that has or is going through a difficult time in their lives. For example, “blessed are the poor in spirit,…

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  • Beatitudes Analysis

    Beatitudes used in management The Beatitudes refer to the blessings found in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Most people consider the Beatitudes to only pertain to individuals since it covers the characteristics that one should possess making them a better person or leader. However, businesses can possess these characteristics as well depending how the business operates and conducts its business in all aspects. According to Dr. Winston (2002), each of these Beatitudes can be broken down by…

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  • Meaning Of The 8 Beatitudes

    “And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him. 2 Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying” (Matthew 5) the eight Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are one of the most well known part of the Sermon on the Mount and the New Testament. A Latin noun, Beatitude meaning- happiness. Jesus gave a sermon to his followers explaining how to achieve true happiness. Jesus then proclaimed the eight Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-12, also comparable to what…

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  • The Characteristics Of The Beatitudes In The Kingdom Of Jesus

    Introduction Within the context of this passage we are faced with the dichotomous pull of the glorious in-breaking kingdom of heaven, where Jesus proclaims the character of kingdom dweller, and the brokenness of the present world, where sin still besets men and women. Perhaps the listeners of the day, as we do today, sat and pondered, “Am I in the kingdom of heaven or am I out?” Scot McKnight rightly identifies that the Beatitudes are a sweeping “manifesto of a kingdom way of life.” In…

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  • Abortion, Christianity, Ten Commandments, Ten Commandments And The Beatitudes

    Ethics are system of moral principles by which Christian Adherents can practically apply the traditional teachings, which are ultimately unpinned by the beliefs of christianity. Thus, the process of ethical reasoning can be used to affirm the love of god and make active moral decisions within the Christian community. The fundamental sources of Christian ethical teachings reside within Jesus’s commandments of love, Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Each of these doctrines create a fundamental…

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  • Four Roles Of Nurse Practitioners

    Advanced practice nursing (APN) reflects the combination of graduate education and nursing. Within advanced practice nursing, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have become one of the four major roles for nurses. Throughout history, NPs have been and are called to serve by gathering patient histories, performing physical exams, ordering procedures, diagnosing, treating, and managing disease, and prescribing medications and making referrals. In correlation to the servitude of NPs, Jesus taught us how to…

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  • The Importance Of Advanced Practice Nursing

    Through the shortage of physicians and growth of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN), with beatitude of emotional connection with patients, mercy, and connected to patient care. As physicians diagnose and prescribe, an advance practice nurse applies education, process diagnosis through a professional and understanding with a therapeutic approach that differentiate the roles. Nursing principles applied to APN, through more training and education however keep the same nursing values instilled and…

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  • The Drama Of Scripture Analysis

    I am not sure if I agree completely with what they had to say about the beatitudes. They say that Jesus understands that the Israelites are long awaiting and hoping for a new kingdom of their own. He examines that they people are reading the beatitudes with the wrong understanding. It says that they are only looking at the positives and not considering the negatives, such as, the meek, the poor of spirit, and those in suffering with nothing but hope. The beatitudes are not meant to be a…

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  • How Did Religion Influence Catherine Mcauley

    and Mrs. Callaghan. Although suspicious of all things ‘Catholic' they were very supportive of Catherine's ministry to the poor of the neighbourhood of Coolock where they lived. Religion played an important role in influencing Catherine McAuley’s life. One aspect of religion that affected Catherine McAuley was the beatitudes. Throughout her life, Catherine became to realise a deeper understanding of religion. This lead her to have a more simplified way of life. This is because her spirituality…

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