Black Suffragists Essay

  • Suffragism In Iron Jawed Angels

    demonstrates this by showing women standing civilly outside the white house holding banners addressed to the president. Doris Stevens recalled, “If a question was asked, we answered quietly” (). The suffragists were faithful to their motive of politeness while holding their flags. The colors of the banners looked very similar to the ones suffragists held in pictures, with purple writing and quotes by Wilson himself. Others, both from pictures and the film, said, “Mr. President what will you do for woman suffrage?” In addition, the actors wore sashes and held suffrage flags with their campaign colors: purple, white and gold. The picketing lasted for 18 months, during rain or shine. A witness remembers, “The intrepid women stood their long vigils day by day at the White House gates, through biting wind and driving rain, through leet and snow as well as sunshine,” (Stevens 28). The ability to face not just the world, but extreme weather conditions is a true testament to the capabilities of the suffrage movement. By circling through the seasons, Iron Jawed Angels recognizes these qualities as well as accurate historical information. As war broke out in America, the public’s reaction grew increasingly rigid towards the National Woman’s Party and their continual protests. Before war, suffragists received words of sympathy and encouragement; even the guards were friendly. However, as NAWSA’s fight remained strong, violence rose. Iron Jawed Angels shows the switch of mood during…

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  • The Friendships Of Elizabeth Cady Stanton And Susan B. Anthony

    Susan B. Anthony was undeniably one of the most influential suffragists and feminists of all time. Raised a Quaker, Anthony was from a household that stressed the equality of men and women, unlike many of her suffragist peers. Her father also let her do many hard jobs and sent her off to boarding school, where the stern headmistress, who always found faults in whatever Anthony did, helped build her zeal for success. These character building upbringings impacted the way Anthony would campaign for…

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  • The Argument Of Marie J. Howe Parodies The Opposition To Women's Suffrage

    that anti-suffragists made in the 1800s and early 1900s include that women were not logical, they are creatures of impulse, instinct, and intuition and make decisions based on their emotions. Women have physical inabilities, mental disabilities, spiritual inabilities, and general inability that prevents them from marking a ballot and putting it into the ballot boxes. Other arguments include that if women were given the right to vote that they wouldn’t take advantage of it, or if women were given…

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  • Alice Paul Impact On Society

    for women in the 20th century lasted nearly one hundred years. (“Alice Paul: Feminist, Suffragist, and Political Strategist”) Many important women made significant impressions in this overcoming this struggle. Women’s suffrage, or their right to vote, was a concept that was fought for by a multitude of dedicated individuals. Alice Paul was a women’s rights activist who utilized her determination, education, courage, and persistence to make an everlasting impact on society. She was one of the few…

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  • Boyhood Patricia Arquette Analysis

    as a great belief in our society. But, in practice, feminism has proven to support equality but only for a certain group of people, which isn’t exactly what equality is. Since the third wave of feminism began in the 1990’s and up until today, the belief of equal rights between men and women has gained such a spotlight that more people, including a good handful of celebrities, such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emma Watson, are showing their support and bringing attention to women’s rights through…

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  • Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, And Sojourner Truth

    her speeches Anthony was able to spread the word through her persuasive writing. At age 43 Anthony released the “Appeal to Women of the Republic” along with the help of fellow suffragists Elizabeth Cady Stanton (Susan B Anthony House editors “Her life”). This appeal was written to propel women to sign a petition to end slavery. Anthony throughout her career not only asked for gender equality, but also for human equality. Succeeding this, Anthony along with the help of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and…

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  • The Importance Of The American Woman Suffrage Movement

    National Woman Suffrage Association in 1869 (History). The suffrage movement became more prominent as the American Civil War commenced on 1861 until 1865 (History). During this time, the men proceeded to fight in the war, leaving jobs unfulfilled; thus, led to women to turn their attention to filling in for the positions. When the war ended, a new problem arose for the women. Females who were a part of the woman suffrage was divided amongst the decision of voting rights for black men. Stanton,…

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  • Sisters, The Lives Of American Suffragists

    Jean H. Baker, a historian who teaches at Goucher College, has also written several other books including; Sisters, James Buchanan and Mary Todd Lincoln: A Biography, and the Stevenson’s. She now resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Sisters; The Lives of Americans Suffragists, is a book about some amazing women which include, but not limited to Frances Elizabeth Willard, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, and last but not least Susan B. Anthony. These women led the groups and…

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  • The History Of Women's Rights Movement

    during this era believed that women needed to be economically independent; further more a socialist of the time by Gilman “argued that economic independence was the most fundamental necessity for women, an insight drawing directly on her own experience as well as that of a new generation of professional women” (155 EVANS). One group that had it harder than any man white or black, or even white women were; African American women so much so that “black women found themselves unwelcome in many…

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  • Analysis Of Sojourner Truth

    As Sojourner Truth was one of the only black women at the Seneca Falls Conference (LEP, 12-5b), there is a misconception that she is only addressing white men in her famous “Ain’t I a Women” speech. It can be interpreted that she is speaking to white women additionally. During this speech, Truth recognizes that she is treated differently not only because she is a woman but primarily because of her race and her being a woman is secondary. Pointing out that white women are treated with extra care…

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