Baseball Autobiography

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My youngest son James eats, drinks, and lives baseball. His passion for playing baseball started as a young child, at the age of three. He continued his obsession of the sport by playing on a variety of teams in the neighborhood and on travel teams. He devoted all his time to training and participating in the game. Through his self-training determination, he perfected his skills and won multiple recognition awards. Most recently, he used his training as an escape when confronted with stress of life in high school. His love of the game maybe the only reason he may even think about attending college. I admire his love and determination of the game.
At the young age of three, James showed he had some interest in baseball. The beginning of his career started with off with T-ball. Right from the start, James not only showed signs that he enjoyed the
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His girlfriend, whom he loved, cheated on him. He took his broken heart, grabbed his baseball bat, and took refuge in his own Field of Dreams. I still can remember that moment vividly. Snow and sleet streaming from the sky, his silhouette endurering the elements, and the constant repetition of him throwing a baseball into the air and the sound of the bat hitting the ball. He continues to turn to baseball whenever he feels stress and needs an outlet. He had no interest in attending college, but his mindset changed after approached by a college scout. Who know what his future holds? Many say he possesses the makings of a pro. James’s love of the game of baseball started at a young age and continues even till today. He has a great feel for the game and possesses great knowledge of what it takes to be a team player and winner. His countless hours of practice and training has rewarded him both physically and mentally. Anyone who sees James play baseball, not only sees a skilled player but also someone who has a deep rooted love of the

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