Bo Jackson: A True Hero

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Bo Jackson, only person in history to be drafted into MLB and NFL. Growing up Bo didn’t have the easiest childhood. While he was growing up, everyone thought he had something not everyone has. For example, he had enough leg strength to do a standing back flip while standing in thigh high water and still land on his feet. His God-given abilities made incredible athletes look like weaker athletes. Bo also grew up from a poor family which made him an epic hero by having a noble birth, great strength and courage, and his humility.
Bo didn’t have the best childhood. He always got bullied and made fun of by kids at school. He also always felt like he didn’t belong with everyone else, and did some things people thought were unbelievable and kept
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Right out of high school he got offered to play for the Yankee’s but denied it. He also got offered to play football at both Alabama and Auburn and had to pick between the two schools. He chose to go to Auburn where he excelled in football, baseball, and track. After college he got drafted in the NFL to Tampa Bay for football but denied it, but signed to Oakland instead. That same year he got drafted in Oakland, he got drafted in the MLB to play baseball for the Kansas City Royals and gladly signed. He chose those teams not to be a star but to help the team as a whole. After signing to both Oakland for football and Kansas City for baseball he was the first person to get drafted into both the MLB and the NFL.
Bo Jackson exhibited the characteristics of an epic hero by having a noble birth, great strength and courage, and humility. Bo had a noble birth because he was naturally born to be athletic and strong. He had great strength and courage by being one of the three only players to hit the crown on top of the scoreboard at Kauffman Stadium. He also exhibited humility by being the only person to ever get drafted into both the MLB and NFL. Although he didn’t make it into the Hall of Fame he will always be know as a epic hero in the world of

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