What Is The Rainbow Curve Persuasive Essay

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Rainbow curve is about a young boy who grows up wanting to become a baseball player. This young man was raised by a man named Rainbow (Hence the name Rainbow curve). In the book the author portrays him as a father figure to Bo. Rainbow was a good man who believed in good judgment and trust. Throughout the story Bo meets rainbows friends who were ex baseball players, which he loved. He always gazed at Rainbow like he accomplished something. He spent more time with Bo rather than his actual daughter. What rainbow does is; he creates a baseball team called the Elite Giants. The Elite Giants were faced with many problems. A man was trying to cancel all their games. Evidently, they all assumed it was Bo. This meant the resigning of being an elite Giant. One of the teammate of the elite Giants was double crossing them. As time went on …show more content…
Bo himself is very different. He 's shy and keeps to himself but yet he saved someone 's life. The reason why it 's so interesting is the fact that this young man who didn 't really know how to socialize, a human beings life without a second thought. Another reason is that when Cora and her boyfriend met Bo; the boyfriend did not like Bo at all. Some people would say to themselves “these people were rude to me earlier so I don 't care what happens to them.” Bo as being as optimistic as he is, didn 't care. He took a chance and felt relieved that he made the choice. Rainbow himself was a good teacher to Bo. Without him as a father figure Bo wouldn 't have been who he is. Throughout his life people treated him badly. They had no trust in him and if there was a problem they would blame him. His team kicked him out without know investigating who doubled crossed the Elite Giants. A man, who’s been treated this way, still becomes a morally good person. Bo was an interesting character. The story of Bo seems like it can connect to a lot of people. I personally can see a little bit of me in

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