Characteristics Of Bilbo In The Hobbit

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Intelligence, bravery, dependence, loyalty, and strength are all things that are commonly seen in a hero. Bilbo has all of these characteristics and some beyond that. He is clever as is shown during his competition with Gollum. He is also brave as we know when reading his encounter with the spiders in Mirkwood. He is loyal to his friends and they can depend on him. He is mentally strong and in many was he is the reason that the dwarves were able to complete their quest. Bilbo Baggins is the true hero in the hobbit because he leave the comfort of his home to embark on an adventure that encourages his mental and physical growth. Bilbo begins as an innocent and not particularly brave character but his character grows immensely to become someone willing to exchange riddles with a dragon. Bilbo 's relationships are also a large part of his heroism.

Bilbo in the beginning is scared and cowardly. He is easy worn out but this changes over the course of the novel. When Bilbo was in the cave in the mountains with the dwarves and Gandalf and they were taken prisoner by the goblins he was terrified but when get met Gollum he was still terrified but he had the strength to engage him with his riddles. When he saw all the goblins guarding the exit he didn 't scream and run he slipped past them only to get lost in the woods. His bravery continued
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He was open to change and he grew through the help of his friends. He is also a hero because he began as a simple hobbit that enjoyed the pleasures of life and grew into a brave burglar with confidence. He was put in the heroic position because of his relationships. His connecting with Gandalf led him to meet the dwarves and embark on this adventure. All of these traits and characteristics led him to become the magnificent hero everyone thinks of when they hear Bilbo 's

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