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  • The Banking Rating System In The Banking Industry

    The banking sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy, therefore, the banking industry offer up to the national incomes and the global growth. It is imperative to assess, break down and screen the banking performance . Variety of methods was used to analyse the performance of banks and the most popular ways it eh CAMELS rating system, the banking supervision institution based on six factors to assess the registration of financial institutions. CAMELS represents the six rating factors, including capital adequacy, asset quality, management quality, profit and earnings, cash flow (liquidity), the sensitivity to market risk . The system score from 1 (best) to 5 (worst), if the bank overall rating is below 2, indicating that the…

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  • The Importance Of Banking

    One of the most important reasons that banks are more reliable than ever is that they carry insurance from the FDIC. This insurance covers a bank customer’s money up to $250,000. The question is how do you start looking for a financial institution that fits your money needs? There are so many banks to choose from, and each institution can provide its customers with its own unique financial experiences. Jeff Blyskal writes, “The good news in banking is that consumers have options; no one has…

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  • Benefits Of Electronic Banking

    recent years Electronic banking technologies have multiplied with products available such as ATMS, contactless payments, internet banking, banking apps and the ability to store cards to devices. This has led to the adoption of customers because of its efficacy and increasing ease to use but also as it cuts costs, stays competitive and attracts new customers from a business point of view. In agreeance Hogarth et al. (2004) claim that been the years of 2002 and early 2005 online banking…

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  • The Benefits Of Online Banking

    Over the past twenty years the banking system has changed and become more efficient for bank customers. Twenty years ago bank customers could not login to their bank account on the Internet and transfer money. However, as the Internet has developed so has online banking. As more people use online banking services the amount of cyber criminals that focus on accessing bank accounts has increased. To log into a bank account in the U.S. a password and security question is needed, in other countries…

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  • ATM And Retail Banking

    In the context of an ATM and retail banking, it is apparent that there will be a variety of input mechanisms and devices across the system, with different locations and regions for a bank having multiple systems to accommodate a more diverse client base as well as increased demand. Each of the ATMs will provide input/output functionality to allow you to put cash in the bank, transferring money to different accounts, and withdrawal of funds once their identity authorizes correctly. That will…

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  • Online Banking In India

    “Abstract” Although online banking plays a significant role in banking institutions, fewer studies have concentrated on customer satisfaction and adoption mainly in the Indian origin. The main objective of this study was to identify and determine the various factors that influence the decision of consumers’ for adoption of online banking service and to determine the relationship among Online banking service, customer satisfaction and customer adoption. For the collection of data, a questionnaire…

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  • Importance Of Crm In Banking

    CRM: A COMPETITIVE TOOL FOR INDIAN BANKING SECTOR—AN ANALYSIS Mrs.Sweta Leena Hota, Research Scholar Utkal University Mobile:93381203920 Abstract Banking today has changed from pure banking to need based banking and focuses on customer satisfaction, as the success of every organisation depends upon satisfied customers. Customer acquisition has been overtaken by customer retention as customer satisfaction has become the key element for revenue generation for…

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  • Disadvantages Of Retail Banking

    organization which provides fundamental banking facilities to customers. Banks are a representation of a country’s financial stability. They play an important role in a country’s economy and are a major part of a country’s financial system. The business of retail banking is based on receiving deposits from customers, making advances of money and moving money from one place to another. In order to make advances of their money, banks promote and mobilize customer savings. The products and…

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  • Internet Banking Security

    Information Technology Banking Security Over time, people have invented many useful things in order to make the life easier. In the past, the life was more difficult than it is now. People work hard to develop the world and make humans live easier. Telephone, for example, has helped humans to keep in touch. People invent things such as cars, airplanes, and other innovations that people didn’t expected to see in the future. One of the services that people have developed is the online banking…

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  • Advantages Of Online Banking

    According to the above, the research has compared the use of online banking VS traditional bank, since many people in Saudi Arabia are not aware of the advantages of electronic banking, which it should not be as a problem in these days. The purpose of this study is to study and analysis the impediments of using online services which include: automated teller machine (ATM), internet banking, and tele-banking and then compares it with manual banking. The study also focused on the solutions that…

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