Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Banking

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A database technology basically
Five examples of a database technology is like an ATM ( automated teller machine ) , online banking, biometric screenings and multimedia’s in libraries.
First of all I will describe about “Online Banking”. Online banking basically is where people can just directly do their banking purposes and deals just throughout the internet without going to the bank. Online banking is a great feature, most banks do offer it. There are several benefits and its limitations of online banking. Five benefits by using the online banking is that firstly, you can pay your bills online whereas you can actually just use the online banking to pay your bills. This will eliminate the need for stamps and protect you from the check being lost in the mail.
The second benefit of online banking is that Transfer money between accounts , whereby online banking allows you to transfer money between accounts much more
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Secondly is that in regards to the pin codes of the ATM machines whereby if one forgets the pi code number he or she will not be able to withdraw money or do any types of transactions in their respective account.

The third disadvantages is that if an individual enters the wrong pins codes three times the card will be swallowed down the machine and it takes quite some time to retrieve it whereas you will need to confront the employees of the bank to retrieve your card back. Fourthly, An ATM is not available in remote places. And lastly, in regards to the Fees, banks and machine owners draw huge lump source of revenue from the ATM fees, cardholders can usually withdraw cash for free from ATMs owned by their bank but typically have to pay to use machines owned by other

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